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Tuesday, 25 November 2008


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Well, as for the football game, from one Packer fan to another; I think our defense forgot to travel with the team. Rodgers looked good in the first half, before he started throwing interceptions. (Of course, I went to bed at 10. Did we win or lose?) :-)

I downgraded back to Firefox 2 - 3 stinks.

Don't be too hard on Rodgers though - 29 points generally puts an NFL team in position to win - except when a defense allows 51. The Saints could've made that game look like OU vs. Texas Tech like if Sean Payton really wanted to do it.

Tell Packer management thanks for Brett though ;)

A Nebraska-dwelling Jets fan

That's an extremely reasonable and inoffensive solution, by my read. I actually didn't even notice them in the last post - I had to go back and look again.

"Did we win or lose? :-)"

Damned if I know....

Mike J.

What, exactly, is it about Firefox 3 that's so wrong? I moved seamlessly from 2 to 3 to now running the nightly-builds of 3.1 (which is amazingly fast) with no problem. So obviously I'm missing something important (again?).

Great way to do it Mike, thanks for being sensitive to your readers. In all honesty, I wouldn't even mind if they were there on every post, or if they were images instead of text links. For me, it's not a problem having ads in the feed, so long as I can view it in my reader.

It's probably just me. As I say I'm not good at this stuff. But to start with it could simply work right--whenever I'm closing comment windows, about one out of every six times I click on "x" it acts like I clicked on "-" and collapses the window to the dock. Very annoying. And generally it seems to have lost the simplicity of the old interface, in favor of more features.

Mike J.

Links are no problem at all. And it is good that you have finally added the Canadian Amazon - I don't mind if they pay you a commission from my orders but I would hate to remember the link. :)

I agree. Firefox 3 on Mac is a disaster. It crashes on me a few times a day! NOTHING else crashes on my MacBook Pro ;-)

I watched the Jets game as well as parts of Monday's game... All I can say is "Jerry" likes to screw up good things.

It was just one weekend. But, what if the Jets win it all ?

A few links post script is an elegant solution--smaller and less obtrusive than many email signature blocks I see. I had put them out of mind after the first glance (as I do with email sigs) until you mentioned them. I doubt it would bother me if they were on every post. In fact, I appreciate the reminder--I read TOP via RSS.

By the way, I think that portrait of the pug Smash is a masterful study in palette, texture, shape and composition, with just enough personality and context to intrigue. Really wonderful. There is chops, and there is sensibility.

robert e

I would have to agree that Firefox 3.x sucks. On one computer, it refuses to render web pages correctly if I have other memory intensive applications open. On another computer, I can't view anything that requires Flash because it refuses to install the current version. You can't clear the bookmark history on the not-at-all-Awesome Bar unless you install a plug-in to do it. Granted, it's free, and you get what you pay for, but 2.x was free too and it never hassled me the way 3.x does.

Oh, that's what those links are about. I thought those links were kind of a minor annoyance (i.e., nothing that's going to change my reading habits).

Regarding Favre and Rodgers--well, after he changed his mind about retiring the Packers were damned if they did and damned if they didn't this year. If they kept him, I think they would have lost Rodgers and would have wound up with nothing when Favre retires for real. Now that they let him go they've exposed themselves to a lot of criticism since he's having a good season and the Jets are looking better than the Packers.

This year is one for great wailing and gnashing of teeth here in Iggles (Eagles) country.

[[whenever I'm closing comment windows, about one out of every six times I click on "x" it acts like I clicked on "-"]]

I middle-click anywhere on a tab and it closes and do not bother with [x]'s. In fact, I modified my about:config and removed the [x]'s entirely from my tabs.

I have a computer give me problems with updating Flash, but it was an Adobe problem, not a Firefox problem. I downloaded the official Adobe Flash uninstaller, ran it, and then ran the latest installer and it worked. Never had to do anything more than that.

My brain filters out the visited page history changes because I never use (or used) it. I send everything to del.icio.us I want to remember via Bookmark Toolbar javascript.

So, I guess I'm just not seeing what others here are seeing. It's stable, it's functional, and (as mentioned) the 3.1 builds load pages very quickly.

Of course, I'm on Windows XP not on Mac OS X so I have no clue if the difference is nothing more than that.

The new FireFox sucks, on Mac as well.

I reverted to version two and removed the
option for updates.

As for the advertising tails at the end of each posting, good idea. Maybe people will get the hint.

Reichmann's so-called free offer is interesting. The D90 sells here in Canada
for $1190.00 at Henrys. Suspect it's as with all things similar, it was new, it served its
purpose, now begone, and not to a nearby shelf to collect dust. A wise move IMO.

"I'm on Windows XP not on Mac OS X so I have no clue if the difference is nothing more than that."

Could well be, plus there's the very real possibility that I just don't know how to use it very well. Have to admit that. I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Mike J.

the main reason I use firefox 3 is this:


Otherwise is ugly as sin. And light, it is not. Nor fast. But it can be easily modified and tweaked, which brings us back to the Vista tip. But Chrome is fast. But doesn't goes full screen as I like, and... oh, well...

Firefox on the Mac is going through big changes, much like the Mac itself. Firefox 3 ia not supported on Mac OS X prior to 1.4 Firefox 3 is based on Cocoa. Firefox 2 is based on Carbon. Apple is dropping support for lot of old applications in upcoming releases. You may have heard some noise about the difficulties Adobe is having with moving Photoshop from Cocoa to Carbon on the Mac.

I've been using Firefox 3 on XP, Mac, and Linux and it's vastly better than Firefox 2 , although the first couple of revs were not nearly as good as 3.0.4

I've got Firefox 3 on one Windows XP machine and Firefox 2 on another XP machine. I can't say I really notice that much difference between the 2 for my purposes.

But what I have noticed is that though once rock solid, FF2 is crashing more and more frequently while FF3 has been fine.

So I wonder if FF3 addresses some issues caused by new web authoring tools, Java updates, Adobe etc. which aren't handled well by the older browser.



Have you been able to get an affiliate relationship with the Epson store? I'm mulling over a refurbished Epson 3800 and that is a sizable chunk of change. I also see Atlex mentioned all the time when researching ink suppliers so perhaps another opportunity?


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