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Sunday, 02 November 2008


Hi Mike,
The world is full of strange people, and most of them seem to hang out on the internet! Your 'musings' are greatly appreciated here at least - keep 'em coming.

Ah the Internets
Ya know, I shoot cannons- another Japanese product, and looong lenses even flowers and sunsets and mountains and other such, just seem to view the world from a macro and telephoto perspective. Force myself to haul out the 24-70 and frequently use it with a 1.3 cropper. I think its cause I'm so near sighted, or not. Everyone around here seems to like those short lenses and all sorts of other imaging equipment. Why Mike you even insulted telephotos a few weeks ago. But what the heh, get excited about that Sony and see if I care. Enthusiasm is infectious (and requires no antibiotic treatment) even if everyone around here uses the wrong equipment.....

And the funny thing is that, even if you WERE doing an infomercial, why would someone feel the right to tell you otherwise? This is YOUR blog. No one pays a cent for it, no one is forced to read it.

Tsc, tsc.

Yeah, Mike.

Just imagine! Posting your own opinions and impressions on your own blog!

Outrageous! What is the world coming to?

P.S. Keep it coming.

I myself would appreciate more candid reviews from people who actually use a camera to make photographs and less from people who over-analyze noise patterns and test charts to death.

Glad to hear you have got a 35mm/2 and the 135mm STF to try out, you won't be disappointed. They're two of my favourite lenses, though I use the 35mm/2 as a "normal" lens on the 7D and A700 rather than the semi-wide it is on the A900.

The 135mm STF is a gem of a lens, truly unique. Nothing like a soft-focus or controlled-defocus lens as it is tack sharp yet has the most gorgeous transition to out of focus you could imagine.

I'm very interested in how these two lenses fare on the A900. I miss being able to use the 135mm STF on a 35mm-sized sensor especially (it's a bit long for me on a 1.5 crop camera).


As an aside, the photo you have for this post is gorgeous...

Sounds like it's on the up-and-up to me, though I think it's probably a good idea to put up a notice of exactly what's going on, just to fend off later nay-sayers. I'd say there is less of a conflict dealing with a rental place than with a manufacturer.

Wonder if you could work a similar deal with your Domai advertiser, for the occasional test body?


(Say, was that in bad taste?)

This is one of my favorite blogs. I visit here at least once every day. I really enjoy your camera musings. I find users "reviews" are much more helpful than the full-blown reviews ala Dpreview.

Keep your semi reviews coming! It would be nice feature if you could get some of your readers to give their impressions of their cameras.

I am in agreement with the person who didn't appreciate all the inforamtion that your presented for your "trying". I read this blog to keep up to date, but I don't want reviews clogging my news reader.

I offer one word about those trying to tell you what to do:

S C R O O M !!

best wishes,

Well, I'd have to say that by and by your blog has become more and more fluffy. Lots of camera tech news and reviews and less articles/ posts about photography. The recent posts about photography books as "investments" was especially annoying. There has certainly been no good examples of your own photographs recently. I find it disappointing and feel very much less inclined to visit the site than just 6-8 months ago. Ctein seems to be the only reason I still come back.

If we're giving opinions about content then I'd prefer more material that helps to define just what constitutes art in photography. This is an area where I am in constant confusion and I stop in here often hoping for discussion and direction so that when I next focus on some rust spot on a wall I'll have a better idea of whether I'm making art or just more drudgery etc.

Camera reviews and impressions are fine to an extent but I spend a lot more time using my camera then I do thinking about what to buy next. I'd never think of writing to say that you were wrong to write about equipment but I read art and philosophy of photography pieces with much more interest. As you like to say, "just saying...".

Mike -

I like the diversity. I like to read about all aspects of photography. The reviews on this site are user oriented reviews not technojargon and lens charts. You can always skip an entry if it doesn't interest you. I like camera reviews, lens reviews, book reviews, photo reviews as well as all the thoughtful discussions and points of view entries.

This is still my favorite blog! Keep up the good work.


Don't you worry about anything, Mike. I like this blog just the way it is- an eclectic mix of matters photographic, with a personal twists I enjoy. I had no idea that Sony had got so good!-(a Canon user, and Olympus OM ex user) Still love my 21mm f2 Zuiko, but can't afford a 5D body to maximize its potential with adaptor.... one day!!

Personally this element of your blog is one of the reasons I like it so much.

Having bought a D700 on reading your review and really liking it (Until I started to get slight problems with it) when I went over to the dark side (D300)

I would really like to know how you find the Sony compares to the Minolta in it's handling. I'm not saying I have to 'Bond ' with a camera per se but some cameras just feel right to me and the Minolta was one of them.

Does the A900 feel as good to you as the 7D ?

i like all of the product reviews in this site for one extra reason. it gives me some more thoughts about photography and it does that by example. i dont care if they are info-mercial. keep writing. i thank you for that.

I am looking forward to how 'camera on the brain' syndrome met with camera in the hand reality, writing as one who had that particular syndrome for a while for that particular camera (it just went away after a while of being ignored).

So if you can't determine that the post isn't for you in <1/2 second you're not going to get the decisive moment anyway. Choose your equipment accordingly and skip all further hardware related posts.

I don't know why, Mike, but some folks just seem to take offense when a brand other than their personal favorite gets some positive comments. It's almost as if they see it as slamming their brand just by writing something positive about a competing brand. Maybe, just maybe, Sony makes a pretty good camera that's going to be competitive in the current market. Why that information makes some people uncomfortable, or insecure about their own equipment is beyond me. Your impressions of the A900 are just that, your impressions. And a lot of us want to read your impressions. Just ignore the insecure brand fanatics.

I'm curious about whether some people's annoyance over the Sony non-review is because they consider it a review, or because it wasn't a review in line with their own photographic religion. If Mike's piece had been exactly the same words except for "Alpha 900" replaced by "D700" or "5D MkII", would there have been the same reaction?

Enjoy your blog. I visit it daily if possible.
I read your discussions of cameras (such as the A900) even if I have no intention of getting one. I seldom if ever read "reviews" of cameras that are not of interest to get.
Appreciate your posts/writing.

This is not fluff. I enjoy the randomness of the items and it is rare that any item is of no interest to me. I check in frequently.

Take some more breaks for your own sake. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Wow, just one comment about the picture? I usually don't have much to say since most commenters already say what I feel. But, I have to say that that is a really cool picture.

Does "hey, let's take a look to what Mike has to say today" qualify as a proper reason to visit your blog everyday? Sorry if that sounds too personal, but that's the feeling one eventually gets after so long coming here, just to read from a guy who clearly knows about photography and shares his knowledge and opinions in multiple levels.

Hello Mike! Just go on! I love reading your thoughts and I think a majority of the people who visit your blog do too! Your comments are most useful to me since you are a guy who knows what he is talking about! I visit your blog every day at least once .... "let's take a look to what Mike has to say today"

My father told me once two quotes to remember [actually, his very own quotes]:

-People tend to misunderstand naturality and spontaneity with lack of education

-The right to speech freedom does not come with the ability for speech freedom [ability as for being capable to use that right propperly].

So there is a good solution: if you don´t like it, just don´t read it [you´re free and entitled to do so].

If they don't like it, they don't have to read it. Simple. Its your blog and you can post what you want.

I for one enjoy your musings and thoughts. One of these days I might even try a 35mm prime for grins!

This is the most enjoyable blog I have come across, a *photographer* writing about *photography*. The art, the practice, and at times, the science.

Isn't the camera a somewhat essential element?

Keep up the great work Mike.

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