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Sunday, 12 October 2008


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I vote for surgical sterilization of "loosers". Nip them in the bud, so to speak.

Saw it, assumed you'd written it on request. Ha! Revenge is sweet...

Ah, but you mention "Fix News" as a website to avoid. Now John Roberts will have a fit.

(Sorry -- I just read the "Damned if you don't" comments...)

Say, Mike... Whatever happened to the sunday rants?

"Fix News"? Never heard of it.

"'Fix News'? Never heard of it."

Also known as "Faux News." [g]

Mike J.

Just so others reading this know, John Roberts is a good guy who has made many positive contributions to this site. He differs with me on politics (that might be an understatement) but so does my own brother. That's okay with me. I suspect we have as many values in common as we have disagreement. So there's no animosity here as far as I know.

Mike J.

"Your favorite WTD strip: One I commissioned Aaron to draw for me about TOP"

Can we see that?
(Is it real? I'm confused.)



Mike J.

Oh yes, that one. Kewl.

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