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Friday, 03 October 2008


4 with all errors in the blues :-)

on a HP w1907v monitor. I like the little beast.
age range 30-39.

Verry interresting: The first time around I got a 28 (in the 50-59 age bracket). Second time around I did a first arrangement, then took a break to stop all the colors from vibrating, then fine-tuned while frequently looking away from the monitor (HP LCD). Second score was a 4. Hmmmm.

... and my errors were in almost exactly the same place as Mike's! This suggests that 1) we have exactly the same color vision characteristics; 2) we have the same monitor; 3) humans in general don't discriminate well in that spectral region; or 4) there's some glitch in the text.

28 for me, and I'm 32. Of course, I'm also a bit color blind, so I wasn't really too dissappointed. Quite a few of the squares looked identical to me. Of course it points out yet again to me why maybe, despite using calibrated monitors and knowing a fair amount about color management for ink jet prints, I just don't care as much about color accuracy as other people do. I guess maybe I just can't see the problem sometimes (but if I do see it, it must be a doozy...)

Scored 4 with an uncalibrated Dell E229WFP LCD.

30-39 male.

Got a 10 in the 50-59 age group. Old eyes and bifocals don't help.

Hmm I got the exact score and error range as Mike, but I'm "only" 30-39 lol... using a Dell laptop 15" LCD 1680x1050 uncalibrated. and yeah luminance is irritating.

0, You have perfect color vision!

30-39 age

did it on a 5 year old Eizo FlexScan L567 15' LCD monitor

Scored 38 on a non-calibrated ViewSonic Graphics Series G70fmb monitor here at work.

I'm curious to see if I can do better on my calibrated Dell at home.

Age 62.

Does trying a second time counts ? First I got 3, tried again and I got 0. I rather think I was reckless the first time. Nice test BTW.

i have perfect color vision!

take 1
under some time pressure since i was off to work

other notes:
old crt monitor, google chrome, 31 y/o

70+ years old, scored 20 on a 2004 uncalibrated PB g4 using store bought 2.5 diopter correction reading glasses :)

Scored 3 (30-39). Mistakes were in an area I knew I was not good at.

Someone gave me this monitor. I am 30, female. Got a 19. Consider myself lacking in these aspects because I have seen the work of someone with the keenest eye make color swatches from paint before & realized I ain't that good, even though I fancy myself an artist.

I scored "Zero". I'm 33 and a dude. Although, I am a graphic designer and I was using a 22" Apple HD display. But still.

Joe C.

I got a 4 in the 20-30 year old range. Yay me! I am such a geek, at least I know my monitor is pretty accurate.

Scored a 4. Hit back and found my mistake in a few seconds, got 0. Age 20-29.

Got a 0/perfect score. Almost fell out of my chair. Using an older low-end Viewsonic LCD, and my girlfriend constantly tells me I'm color blind because I can't tell whether my pants or socks are brown, black, or blue. I was expecting a triple-digit score. A lot of the squares looked almost identical to me, so it may have been random chance. Age 20-29.

score 109 64yrs male with red/green color blindnes

I did 7...

Am I so good??? :p

Based on your information, below is how your score compares to those of others with similar demographic information.

* Your score: 7
* Gender: Male
* Age range: 16-19
* Best score for your gender and age range: 0
* Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520

With Lcd non-calibrated monitor L17GCW DTK,score of mine was 19.Morning coffe and fun
not to match effort, meens 3 or 4 wrongs in
each ,in the middle area of course.
Well ,better than people around me let me thing about my color sense.

Nice little test ,indeed,should be more games like this.

0 (perfect score)
50-59 years old (age 58)

I was totally surprised at this perfect score as I've always felt a bit unsure of my colour identification abilities. Maybe I can learn to trust my instincts a little more from now on. (calibrated iMac screen used).

I score a 4, male 40-49, using an uncalibrated laptop display.

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