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Saturday, 25 October 2008


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I work with two ladies who have furs. We were discussing fur demonstrators and the habit of tossing paint to damage the furs. Both agree that it was a waste of effort by the protesters since the furs are insured with replacement value - they would just get a brand new fur out of it.

Americans are far out. I haven't heard of demonstrations in Europe where anybody threw blood or paint on people.

There's been a comment I read somewhere... Something like, "you'll never see protesters attacking Hell's Angels for wearing leather."

political correct doesn't mean true.
there are many cases that it is just the evolution of puritan victorian morals.
i heard once an interview of a greek cardiologist. i was happily surprised to listen the following story.
he had a smoking patient who had suffered a stroke. he told him to quit smoking but he told his wife that him smoking a few cigarettes will not harm him. when the journalist ask the dr why he did so he replied that if he had not told his wife this, his patient will surely cut smoking(at least when she was present) but the stress levels he would suffer could cause him worse health problems.
so enforcement is not the way to go if one wants effects.

I was going to make this comment facetiously on the original post, but seeing as you've raised it:

Hasn't her coat been transmuted into red velvet on the stamp, or does my monitor need some serious adjustment?

(I had a line about the non-cigarette being a smokescreen for this other censorship, but I won't use it now...)

A thing I've come to expect from "Politically Correct Statements" is that they miss on all 3.

Eolake, it may have something to do the our pesky 1st Amendment. Which brings to mind the Latin term *Cave quid vees*, loosely translated by Springsteen as "For every wish there comes a curse".

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