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Monday, 27 October 2008


I've referenced the Photographer's Rights PDF that is freely available from his website on many occasions.

Primmer/primer: It's not pronounced like that in the UK -- I was very confused the first time I heard the US version. I wonder how long ago we diverged?

"The word, by the bye, is properly pronounced "primmer," not "prime-er."

Not in the UK -- I wonder how long ago we diverged on this one? I was deeply confused the first time I heard the US pronunciation!

Pronounce it as primmer in my neck of the woods and all you will get is a blank look. Use prime-er and there will be understanding.

That would be for Australasia not just Australia.

A question: is it location (thence legal system) specific or a good, international general guide?

I also agree with both of m'learned friends called "Mike C." above... Oops, sorry, a "senior moment" as we say...

It's based on U.S. law.

Mike J.

Thanks for bringing up and reviewing this book. Just bought it from Amazon.com. FYI, I visit your blog everyday as a habit. More power to your blog and all your writers.


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