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Wednesday, 29 October 2008


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If you do get a fast prime in time, how 'bout your best lowlight stuff with the IS on and the ISO where it needs to be? That would be interesting to see. The potential for full frame IS enabled fast primes is pretty exciting.

In 2002 you said: ” Real Photographers Don't Use Sony’s”

Sunday Morning
July 29, 2002
A Weekly Column By
Mike Johnston
Real Photographers Don't Use Sony’s

I've read it. [s]

The title was ironic. I bought that Sony.

Mike J.

I predict your next nightmare will involve accidentally laundering the A900.


That appears to be a nifty piece of hardware. Wish I had a lens for you. Who sends test cams with no lens?

i have M8 dreams also. I have a recurring one where I am shooting the most potent, ironic, culturally revealing street photos you ever saw. Every time I go to chimp or review the pics I have no lens.

The LCD remains black and free of my amazing dreamy photos.

Oh, thanks for putting THAT image in my brain.


Mike J.

Have a relaxing few days off, Mike. Might be busy down your way come Tuesday, in what may turn out to be the most important US election in a generation.

I read with interest your take on the Rolls being something that curdles your esthetic senses .... but then "whoa!" what do I see just above? You are going to handle, no not just handle but actually shoot for days and be seen with a Sony Alpha!
What? Can anyone deny that the Alpha is the ugliest camera ever imagined brought to life?

Perhaps being so ugly it helps the shooter get in the mood to take pictures that are against the grain. I've heard that there are those that hate the though of yet another pretty scenic. The Alpha must be the camera for them.

But then the Rolls Royce is certainly the right esthetic to carry the Alpha and it's owner.

I can see it in my mind. A rich guy. Royce in the McMansion's drive. An Alpha on the shelf - right next to that 70's black velvet elvis on the wall.

Balance in the universe.

forget the laundry!

The McCartney dream is totally hil.

In the past year or two I keep dreaming about photographing. With an amazing variety of cameras. Sometimes though I'm really competent and creative. :-)

No pressure, but I hope you return with some great photos to share. Sometimes the best way to communicate something about photography is with photographs.

Well, I often dream of putting a new Kodachrome film in my mechanical Nikon. Even when I am awake :)

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