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Wednesday, 01 October 2008


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A "bokeh" thong?
Do I have to make EVEN MORE assumptions and second guessings?

That Fuji folder has been on the top of my wishlist since I heard about it. Now, if only I had a salary more in line with my interests...

Loads of interesting things this AM Mike

Lens is an 80mm ƒ/3.5; Care to educate me on why they chose this lens?



"Lens is an 80mm ƒ/3.5; Care to educate me on why they chose this lens?"

I have no inside information on this. I would suppose it's because 80mm is a standard lens on 6x6 and is slightly wide on 6x7 (on the latter it's about equal to a 40mm lens on 35mm; actually slightly less wide with slightly greater height).

Mike J.

As a life long 49er faithful, I completely understand your feelings with Favre as a Jet. I had the same emotional upheaval when Montana went to the Chiefs! It just ain't right...

There has been lots of discussion about the new Fuji folder on APUG.org and rangefinderforum.com, with photos and information from various people who have seen and even handled it at Photokina, including Roger Hicks and others. Rangefinderforum owner and U.S. Voigtländer importer Stephen Gandy is looking to see how many people are interested in actually purchasing the camera, so if you want to get on the list, his e-mail is stephen[at]cameraquest[dot]com. Presuming the price doesn't turn out to be absurd, this will likely be the first camera I'll have purchased brand new since my Coolpix 990, circa 2001/2, and the second since my Canon New F-1 circa 1982/3. If it lives up to expectations, it will replace my 1950s Voigtländer Perkeo II.

official press materials call it the "voigtländer bessa iii", while some people on the internet have been tacking "667" on the end because of the front label. i'm pretty miffed that someone went and carelessly butchered the camera's face, and i've been saving to get this camera since pma. did the marketing department get carried away?

"hey, we need to make sure everyone knows that this can switch formats."

"you're right! how about we print '6x6/6x7' on it?"

"no, fuji's already using that."

"what about putting '667' on the front of the camera?"

"what's that supposed to mean?"

"you know, the first two numbers mean '6x6', and the last two numbers mean '6x7'. it makes perfect sense!"

*crickets chirping*

oh well. there's always the fuji version. good news for megaperls, bad news for cameraquest.

You will also get the "Due to unprecedented consumer interest we are unable to add any additional correspondents to this list. Thank you for your understanding." message if you request a Canon Powershot G10 notification.

I'd say this is some evidence that Canon "won" this year's Photokina,

667: Across the street from the beast.

I don't care what number they put on the front, I still want one. There's always the black tape option if big numbers offend you!

The t-shirt is not that much anti globalization. It is anti American, a sentiment sadly widespread in Europe so-called elite. And no, that has nothing to do with your current government. That sentiment was already common with the european intellectuals by the end of 19th century.

Re: the Fuji folder, $1.2 to 1.5 K? I know I'm really out of touch but that seems like a bit too much. Oh well, guess I'll just keep respooling 120 for my Kodak folders.

"But I swear..."

Clearly eBay needs an informational checkbox that sellers can click that says, "must comply with Official Secrets Act when purchasing this item"

The Voigtländer version was also shown on this years photokina behind glass as an upcoming new model.

I was there to have hands on the Bessa R models (35mm Cams). "It isn't able to have hands on the Bessa III 667" said the woman behind the Voigtländer desk. "but it will soon be available."

Mike said: I have no inside information on this. I would suppose it's because 80mm is a standard lens on 6x6 and is slightly wide on 6x7 (on the latter it's about equal to a 40mm lens on 35mm; actually slightly less wide with slightly greater height).

Just what I was after. Thanks

Right now that Fuji folder is somewhere just above the top of my wish list.

Not only do I love the camera for what it is (or promises to be), but I also love the fact that a major film manufacturer is going to deliver a brand new medium-format film camera.

I guess that means we'll have a good supply of 120 film for a while.

The featured comment by John Camp says, "Banksy's primary interest seems to be something other than money."

Well gosh, he has an agent and Banksy's work sells at Sotheby's well into the six-figure range (highest selling price yet for a single work of his is $576,000).

Knowing that, it's hard not to view many of Banksy's antics in a Damien-Hurstian "The more outrageous I am, the more the rich idiots will pay for my work - but I'll take it!" kind of way.

I don't know anything about Banksy (yet), but I was amused by the review of Wall and Piece from A. Tchirkine (a.k.a. "antoine") over at Amazon. He simply wrote:

"this is a nice coffee table book for suburbans like me who want to appear edgy. banksy's work is brilliant."

I'm back. Checked out Banksy's website and I have to admit that I'm impressed. Very creative. And even if the message is muddled in places, I think the overall theme is clear. Besides, a slightly muddled message fits in well with his manifesto...


I would go so far as to say that medium format film might be the best possible format for intensely-dedicated amateurs and aspiring professionals. I'd probably catch a lot of flack for that on most internet forums, but the combination of inexpensive equipment and incredible resolution make me hope that 120 and 220 are around for a long time to come yet. If you are willing to put up with a slow turnaround time, ScanCafe does work that's both cheap and good enough for most applications, while a professional drum scan from 645 or 6x7 will still blow the doors off of any digital camera under $2000. To this day, I wonder how many people have actually tried a real drum scan: true 16-bit color with red, green, and blue sampled at each pixel.

Paired with an LX3 or G9, I might really enjoy backpacking with the new Fuji/Voigtlander. A week or two in the mountains without having to worry about batteries failing, with some film with a long tonal range...

I've been agonizing over what I should buy for my next "spend too much money on toys" extravaganza. Now I know!

"Banksy is not especially sophisticated in his politics—like most artists...."

Aren't the words "sophisticated" and "politics" contradictions in terms?

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