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Wednesday, 08 October 2008


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Irrelevant to the main point of the post, but I was delighted to see the Hyde house featured on the website and apparently well cared-for. It was still in the Hyde family when I was in school and a classmate of one of them. We would visit Lee in wintertime, staying in the one small corner of the house that was heated.


Hi Scott,

The Hyde House was surely saved from the wrecking ball by my brother-in-law, David Hubregsen, nearly thirty years ago. Unfortunately, it fell back into disrepair in the last ten decade, and with David's untimely death, my wife and I found ourselves to be its new caretakers. It's far too big to justify as a private family residence these days, so it serves dual purpose as our family residence and also home to Aardenburg Imaging & Archives. Members of the Hyde family still stop by, and fellow printmakers and photographers are always welcome here, too. Winter is a bear, and the house still very hard to heat, but I imagine I wouldn't get any sympathy from Mike over there in Wisconsin! Nevertheless, you might want to pick a different season to stop by and see us!

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