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Thursday, 04 September 2008


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Heh heh. Now ask us what type of camera we want, but can't afford.

Your flash applet does not work in my Firefox. Why even use Flash at all for something this simple where a 1994-vintage form would do just as well?

Limiting to two is also arbitrary - I fit in 5 of your 9 categories.

Not sure where my camera fits. It's a Sony R1, so premium digicam?

K20D Midlevel E3 Premium Semi Pro ???

I have a K20D and clicked Premium Semi Pro, for the sake of political correctness ;-)))

I use a k20d and a canon a95, but the last one is not point-and-shot nor premium...

I can't submit my answers. It only allows two selections. I need four.

it becomes even more interesting if you give a genealogy (eg the sequence of cameras owned/used): Nikon D1, Fuji S1, Kodak DCS660, Kodak DCS760, Kodak DCS469ir, Nikon D100, Canon 10D, Canon 1D mark II, Canon XTi, Canon XSi ... 'cause files from all these cameras are still running through Adobe Camera Raw ... the XSi files are surprisingly similar to the DCS760 in use ...

Where is the Olympus E-510 situated? I chose entry level due to its price... Is it really a mid-level due to its feature set?

I don't know how I feel about the split between mid level and premium semi-pro DSLR, while the D300 is obviously above the D80/90 series, I see Canon's XXD cameras as a counterpart to Nikons XXXD cameras. I would say that the K20, A700, D300, 40D and E3 are all in the premium semi pro level, with mid level being mainly just the XSI and D80, with the D40/60, Rebel XS, A200, E420 etc being the intro models. Being a Pentax shooter myself I like to put the K200 in with the XSI and D80, and like to imagine my own K20 alongside the D300 et al.

Um, do cell phone cameras count? I actually have a pretty good one.

Another blank display here. Any chance of posting this in a standard format? Thanks.

With Canon and Nikon subdividing the classifications for cameras, I don't think it's fair to lump so many cameras in with each other -- or if you're going to do so, lump them in thicker to obscure brand classifications. :)

What exactly are you trying to determine with this poll though?

I also need 4 categories to select!

I have a digital rangefinder that's not an M8...

You can't expect anyone on the Internet to make a decision which is his 'most used' or 'best loved' camera! If we were able to do that we'd have a life!

So, please, make a poll that goes into as much detail as possible -listing all digital light recording devices ever made, now on the market and possibly around in the future! And then let us have at least one more vote than selections in the poll!

It is hard enough to to choose in the supermarket from all the kinds of chocolate on the shelves! Was much better in socialist GDR, where there was only one choice - and that usually missing!

Really, Fwiends, Womans, Countwymen, get a gwip....

Your survey tells me I should clearly care a lot more about the type of DSLR I own. Now that I know the market is finely segmented in this way I have to worry about which feature-set I've got, need and want. Damn you Mike, I was happy taking photographs with my cheap and cheerful camera. Now I know more expensive cameras exist that produce more professional images I suppose I'll have to upgrade to something better! Keep your surveys to yourself - ignorance is bliss :-)

Another blank I'm afraid (XP, running Firefox if that helps).

Just so you know, my firefox updated itself this week to v3.01, and I could see the form and cast my vote no problem.
I have a D300 which I justified on the grounds of "3 weddings and it's paid for". I had been shooting some weddings on film, and the process of going from taking pictures to printing them is just a hell of a lot easier with digital.
But having said that, my preference for personal photography is film - how about a similar poll for film cameras, categories being, P+S / SLR / Rangefinder / Polaroid / Toy cams / different formats, etc etc.
I think an interesting poll would be who's still using, or even returning to, film?

Works fine with my Firefox 3.0.

I join the others questioning the classification, but I guess that it's a bit fluid.

It will not allow me to cast a vote with no selections made.

I would have liked a 'none' category.

I'd also need three responses; maybe you underestimated the number of cameras we use ;)

I run Slackware Linux and Firefox and successfully posted to the survey no problem.
Maybe you should have qualified the survey with, "Which digital camera do you primarily use."

More interesting to know, in the same time (for DSLR owners?):
What kind of photography do you enjoy to make?(or "photojob")
What kind of lenses do you use?..
Primes : wide,normal,tele
entry level zoom (and range)
Mid level zoom(and range, good bridge, OK)
Pro zoom (and range)
What kind of software do you use?
Numbers of books and expositions seen/year?
Hours dedicated to photography on the WEB/month
And then you will succeed to calibrate the population of readers and members of your site who wanted to express....No more...I ask myself where is the bias (for the whole population of photographer!-). And how it approaches the real population of owners. Interesting...

Leaving out a few irrelevant steps along the way (mostly forays into medium format and cheap, compact rangefinders), my progression would probably be something like Fuji S7000 (digital), Minolta X-700 (film), Nikon FE-2 (film), Nikon N90s (film), Nikon F3 (film), Pentax *ist DL2 (digital) Pentax ME Super (film), Pentax MX (film), Nikon D300 (digital).

The last two (MX and D300) are easily my favorites, although the S7000 still holds a soft spot in my heart. It is part of the same lineage as the S100FS that Ctein has been reviewing. To anyone who turns up their nose at such cameras, you have to try one out to understand. Incredibly versatile with little fuss and generally very good results.

Best regards,

Where's the "obsolete DSLR" category for those who like to stay a few years behind the technology curve?

"What exactly are you trying to determine with this poll though?"

What kind of digital camera people have. Hence the title. ;-)

Mike J.

"I also need 4 categories to select!"

How can you have four kinds of cameras that are your favorites or that you use most of the time? Just asking.

Mike J.

"I think an interesting poll would be who's still using, or even returning to, film?"

We did that one already:


Mike J.

I have an entry-level dSLR *and* a bagful of really expensive lenses... Think that should be a whole new category :-)

"How can you have four kinds of cameras that are your favorites or that you use most of the time? Just asking."

At work: two pro bodies and a 40d, use them all every day.

Everywhere else: G7 and a little Pentax waterproof P+S.

OK, I guess it's actually 3, since the P&S is usually relegated to hiking and other outdoor activities. But when you need a waterproof camera, it fits the bill nicely.

Geez, we sure are geeks. Look at all the responses to a CAMERA survey. The crank in me wants to chastize the rest of you for not commenting on photographs posted in TOP. Of course, I'm as guilty as anyone.

Just thought I'd add another "only 2 repsonses?" comment. I sadly could have check six...

Commenting on question to someone else about how you can have four that are favorites or are used all the time: I switch between my D3 and D300 DSLRs and my digital RFs (RD1), and always have a small P&S with me.... so that's regularly used cameras from four categories right there...


"Um, do cell phone cameras count? I actually have a pretty good one."


More interesting than "What camera are you planning to buy" would be "What camera would you have them build for you".

I use a Sony R1 and a view camera with film. I have a love hate relationship with the R1. The concept is superb, the design execution is all over the place (actual build quality is excellent). I bought a CANON 450D with the 17-40L, used it for several days and sent it back. It was a fine combination but offered no significant improvement over the R1 for the kind of work I do.

The addition of live view to SLRs is a step in the right direction as far as my needs go, but in fact I don't need the bulk, flopping mirror, weight, the compromises of retro-focus lens designs (as I understand it), and even the interchangeable lenses of an SLR. The equivalent focal range of 24-120mm in a high quality lens is all I require.

But I sure would like a professional grade camera based on this R1 design.

I have to join the group that regularly uses a rangefinder other than the Leica (RD1) along with my DSLR (Nikon D50) and premium p&s (GX100). To be accurate, I need to check three boxes.

Why is everyone worrying about the accuracy of their answers? Tiny details will be statistically insignificant.

What is emerging is that more than two thirds of the readership of this site use a "prosumer" or better DSLR. This should be useful for Mike to encourage some targetted advertising from companies serving this market.

Perhaps to satisfy the equipment freaks, Mike could do a follow up asking how many different cameras we use every week. I am happy to say my answer is ONE!

In the last three years have bought and sold 3 D100's, 2 D80's, a D50, a D200, three or four Canon point and shoots of varying complexities, and now have a D40. And the D40 works, for me. Yes, I have lost a lot of money however suspect wanting something that combines the basic simplicity of a basic point and shoot and, the interchangeability of glass and also is light in weight, the D40 came up the choice.

So far so good. If the D40 doesn't come up to snuff, well it can be shelved and the trusty reliable F100 will come out to play.

Holy cow, it's an Internet servey. Check the box(es) and move on. You'd think we were haggling over something really important.
I own lots of cameras but I know which one I'd take if I were told grab one camera only and come shoot a picture of the pope and Elvis playing strip poker.

Where's the beef? I need my old, old camera pic fix!!

Q: "What exactly are you trying to determine with this poll though?"

A: (Mike) "What kind of digital camera people have. Hence the title. ;-)"

Understood, but the poll is not closely framed to determine that result. It's framed to determine what type of camera(s) we "use or like the most" which, for some readers, will not retrieve the same results.

In my case I have a full potpourri of digital cameras ranging from a Sony W300 p&s to a Mamiya RZ67 Pro II with a digital back. Asking which cameras I "like the most" elicits a question rather than an answer: "For what?". Asking which two cameras I use the most only determines the type of photography I undertake most often. I'm not certain that that answer is what you're seeking, either. Of course I may be just a tiny stat blip. But I think you'd find that I'm not too weird after all.

@ Bill Bresler: "Geez, we sure are geeks. Look at all the responses to a CAMERA survey. The crank in me wants to chastize the rest of you for not commenting on photographs posted in TOP. Of course, I'm as guilty as anyone."

I'm with you, Bill. Mike's camera topics always seem to elicit 5X - 10X the number of responses that his non-camera topics elicit. Since most deal with non-mainstream brands I normally just write it off to pent-up demand for these brand owners to chat. But I actually tend to somewhat agree with you, Bill. While I believe that the TOP readers are much better versed in photography's history and wider sphere of influences I also believe that there are a lot of us shutter geeks in that crowd, too. (Given my earlier remarks, I clearly qualify for membership in that sub-chapter.)

"At work: two pro bodies and a 40d, use them all every day.

Everywhere else: G7 and a little Pentax waterproof P+S."

Do you use cameras at work more often than you do everywhere else, or vice versa? Which camera do you like best?

"Or, if you own several, which one do you like best and use the most?"

Mike, I'd have to say, though, that the camera you like best may not necessarily be the one you use the most.

There are two digital rangefinders, the M8 and the Epson RD-1 and I use them both. It should have been in the poll.

Hi John Stovall,
The RD-1 *is* in the poll. It would fall into the category "Digital rangefinder," of which "(M8)" is just an example. When I created the category "Entry-level DSLR," I'm not asking for ONLY owners of Canon Rebels and Nikon D40s to check that box; those are likewise just examples; the Pentax K100 and Sony A100 would be other (unnamed) examples in that category. I'm not listing every camera that exists in each category. I hope people are okay with that. The poll software leaves fairly limited room for adding to the descriptions of categories, without the graphic getting unwieldy.

Mike J.

Mike, no matter how you slice and dice, you're screwed as far as keeping everyone happy. LOL

"Geez, we sure are geeks. Look at all the responses to a CAMERA survey. The crank in me wants to chastize the rest of you for not commenting on photographs posted in TOP. Of course, I'm as guilty as anyone".

Sadly, me too.

I know that this is an assumption, but it seems that some people find it cool to have 3+ favourite and frequently used cameras. I (along with one poster above) think that the opposite is true. Maybe it shouts "pro", but the real cool guys use one camera and one lens almost always. Don't kill me, that's only my opinion.

I assume, that you don't get in the groove at all, if you frequently switch cameras.

best always

Re: toto

I have to agree with the Other Ken, that my answer depends on what sort of photography I happen to be doing. "Like Best" is sometimes the same as "Use Most," but not always -- like anything else, it depends.

Use Most: The EOS 1D Mark II. I have two of them, and use them constantly at work.

Like Best: Hmmmm. The Mark II is a terrific camera -- very fast, very responsive, extremely quick AF and handling, and after using the same interface for more than seven years, I can shoot with it in my sleep. Or half drunk. But it's big and heavy and kind of a pain to cart around, especially two of them. So I "like best" the Mark II when I am doing serious work-type photography. And I "like best" the 40D when I want something small to carry but still need reasonably quick handling. (Plus the 40D is amazing when it's attached to a 300/2.8.) And I "like best" the G-7 when I want a camera over my shoulder on walks and rambles about town. Finally, I "like best" the little Pentax W-10 when I am kayaking, because it is totally waterproof.

So the question is somewhat imprecise. I occasionally wish I could go back to one camera and a couple of lenses. It would certainly make life simpler.

I'm guilty of the pile of digital cameras syndrome The Sony R1 , the Pentax K10d and the Canon 1Ds are used about equally, but they are very different beasts. The Sony consistently has the best image quality but is really slow if you want to take more than two photographs, and the shutter trips when the camera feels like it. The K10d and the 1Ds are both compromises of different sorts.

For a poll, I think it would be more interesting to ask something like, "what (up to 3) film cameras would you most like a digital version of?"

I am absolutely amazed that the category "Premium Digicam" was over 20% and higher than the regular P&S group. I will bet this is unique to the T.O.P. readership. It is also interesting since none of those currently available really meet Mike's DMC criteria. Following Photokina I will be getting mine - probably a Panasonic LX3.

I need 3 answers :)
I mostly use my Ricoh GRD first gen, carry it everywhere ;)
Pretty evenly divided the rest of the time using either my Pentax K100D with the 50/1.4 FA lens or a Takumar 135/2.5 (this is my lo light set up).
My 'vacation/travel/jack-of-all-trades/most-versatile' camera is my Finepix S6000fd.
Best $299 (close-out) I ever spent on a camera, most bang for the buck.
Were I forced to chose just one for a long trip, I would agonize and take the Fuji.
Or the GRD.
Preferably both ;)

Most used is easy - dslr

Most loved - varies, but currently film rangefinder...

I have 12 cameras: 7 film and 5 digital. I was once described as a "tortoise in the fast lane". One of the nice things about being a tortoise is that I don't think too much; therfore, I just marked the catagory of camera (2) I used the most.

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