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Sunday, 28 September 2008


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Bonus points for Vincent's assistant's similarity to Sergey Brin!

Ah, you caught us. This is really Sergey and me doing research for a video search technology for urban areas.


I'm Muslim and I do not take all nude pictures for p*rn.
Please don't mix up everything, all Muslims are not integrists.

A french/Muslim reader.



Truly excellent match!

Known doubles are fun. I've got one or two. When we're in the same place, we can really mess with people's heads. Sometimes they're even people who know us pretty well.

Unknown doubles are spooky, though. I've got some long-time good friends who clearly remember dinner with me about a decade ago in New Orleans. I hope a good time was had by all; I've never been there in my life.

do DOO do do do DOO do do ....

pax / Ctein*

(*have you collected the whole set?)

Re Kader's comment: To the best of my knowledge, conservative followers of every major religion (and possibly some atheists too) would consider that website p*rn, and less conservative people would not. So how about replacing all references to religious denominations with "particularly conservative"?

I know it's nitpicking, but you have a wide spectrum of readers. I'm neither Christian nor Muslim (your spelling is a little archaic :)), btw.

Both pairs of terrible twins are uncanny.

Funny, I thought exactly the same thing when I saw that first portrait, even before reading the text you wrote above it!
I hope Vincent reads this, pretty funny.

When I moved to this town a few years back, I was told on two separate occasions that I worked in town hall. And once I came into a favorite restaurant and the waitress said to the other: "hey, the *real* Eolake is here now." Apparently my double just left. Sadly I've not met the guy yet.

How do you pronounce "Eolake" and what's its origin? I've been curious ever since discovering DOMAI and his blog.

Oh, and while I'm at it, is there a reason behind the name DOMAI?


"Oh, and while I'm at it, is there a reason behind the name DOMAI?"

It stands for "Dirty Old Men's Association International." [s]

Mike J.

"mild violence"
That would be dance, right?

Eolake is a nom de plume. It's pronounced in English: accent on E, short o, lake like Lake Michigan.

Oh, and for the origin of DOMAI, see:

I would be interested to know (but not obsessed by the question of) how many n*de photos of different women are on the internet, both p*rn and simply n*de for one reason or another. I think there must be hundreds of thousands by now -- Photosig has something on the order of 3,000 at any given time, with more arriving daily. Would it be possible to take some kind of statistical sample of the totality of websites -- if there's any record of the totality of websites -- and then actually examine the sampled sites and count individual nudes, and then extrapolate? I wonder if it could be as high as 1 percent? I wonder what the percentage would be among high computer-using college women? Ten or fifteen percent?


All you need now is to get Greg Gorman to sponsor your site, then us ladies can have an option of looking at some classy male nudes while we're here.

How many different women? Nigh impossible to do even a good guess, but definitely in the five figures. Maybe six. Domai has over 600 models now, and it's a tiny site compared to many.

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