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Thursday, 11 September 2008


Mike Mitchell's photos may be wonderful but after 5 seconds at his web site it seems I'll never know. Why someone should have a default screen size so large is beyond me. I despise being forced to scroll left and right to view a site, but maybe that's just me.

Fascinating work that demands I put on the headphones tonight and spend real time inside these. I think some bright and twitchy 20th century classical is in order.

The first thing that came to mind was imagery one might see just before going to the other side.

Those are really great - thanks for posting. They're more reminiscent of the Hubble photographs of distant galaxies than anything else. Neat.

I -basically- like Mike Mitchell's "Lumi-Gnosis" images, Mike. Why? I enjoy seeing the camera used in a more free-form manner, rather like a paintbrush rather than a pad and paper. The imagery is evocative. It teases the brain into trying to interpret the forms. (Hey, is that Jesus in that one shot? ) I don't care at all for most of his infra-red photography; it's such an amateur cliché it's become a dull distraction to me. Dump it.

I also agree that his "Lumi-Gnosis" collection is stronger than the individual pieces. Generally, I'd say that he needs to pursue this work much further. He still seems bound by conventional techniques. Go nuts, Mike M.!

What I don't like; Mike's Web site. I -HATE- egotistical, self-important sites that take over your monitor! Give viewers the option of selecting a full-screen mode if you must. But PLEASE, leave the window size up to the viewer's discretion, Mike.

I also have a personal bugaboo against photographers (and artists) who write self-serving statements in the 3rd person voice, as if by a curator or critic. "As the photographer watches he feels his soul catching fire!" Oh, puhleese. Describe yourself and your work in YOUR OWN voice, Mike.

I have to disagree with Ken regarding Mike Mitchell's infrared work. While I don't usually like infrared, I think Mitchell successfully employs it in pursuit of certain compositional ideas that I find interesting. Infrared for Mitchell appears to be a means rather than an end in itself.

I'm afraid I'm one of those who found the web site so annoying to deal with that I didn't look at more than a few photos before abandoning it.

Another unfortunate example of a photographer shooting themselves in the foot with their presentation portfolio.

pax / Ctein

Another vote for great pics/shame about the site, for me it really does get in the way of viewing the work.
But the work is enjoyable, refreshing and thought-provoking to me at least.

Really enjoyed the Lumi-gnosis section although not keen on the infrared. It looked more like an effect than infrared to me.

I liked the the design and functionality of the site.

However, I did click on the play button rather than scrolling. If I had needed to scroll I think I could have got vexed too.



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