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Monday, 01 September 2008



Cheers, Robin

Would September 15th be the day that Sony is going to unveil their 24Mpixel camera?

It would be nice to have some good Sony/Minolta mount glass for it...

Since third parties are already converting Contax N-mount lens to Canon EF-mounts
, and there are a lot of people who would really really like some decent wide glass for canon my guess would be Canon EF-mount.

Z4/3, or Z4 3rd, or ZFT, or...

Micro Four Thirds. What else is new that is potentially a growing market?

Since they already make ZA lenses (though these are autofocus), Zeiss could start offering the manual focus lenses in Alpha mount. It'd be nice to able to use them on the upcoming Flagship.

Canon EF would make the most sense as far as demand base goes -- but then there can't be much of a market for new Pentax screwmount lenses.

There have been a couple of rumors about Leica R coming back to life soon. That would be a very easy mount for Zeiss to support, seeing as it already has all the right mechanical linkages and the existing base of cameras are designed for manual-focus.

Hmmm, I always assumed the main market for the ZS M42 mount was Canon (since you often see Canonites talking about mounting this/that/the other thing with adapters).

Although I would like this to be for Olympus , the most likely bet is the Minolta alpha mount considering the remaining possibilities and the close relation between Sony and Zeiss
anyone want to bet otherwise ?

From my recollection, Zeiss wasn't developing for Canon because their mount still had patent protection, while that apparently was no longer true for Nikon. Of course, Canon and Zeiss could be cooperating even if the patents were still valid.

Canon closely protect its EF mount licensing, making sure that its licensees offer mostly so-so optics that provide budget paths to EOS but do not uncomfortably compete with Canon's top-line lenses. Canon is, after all, an optical company at its core. Its cameras, copiers, etc. are merely value-added application wrappers for lenses.

I, too, seriously doubt that Canon will license the EF mount to Zeiss. That would be analogous to inviting a heat rash on one's groin; it could be an uncomfortable and unsightly distraction, although the allure of Zeiss's lenses would always be limited to those willing to forgo auto-focus.


Perhaps ZE?

I think neither Canon nor Oly users don't really need the mount, they can mount almost anything with adapters.
Sony/Minolta users can adapt ZS lenses, although some of the sweetest Zeisses are unavailable in that mount. Also, the problem with adapting m42 for Sony is that with an unchipped adapter you lose the in-body stabilization because the camera needs to know the focal length of the lens; with chipped adapters, one can only choose between a few pre-programmed focal lengths. So I'd say Sony needs a dedicated mount the most.

My bet is Canon EF. What Zeiss gains from an arrangement like that's pretty obvious, but Canon has something to gain, too, and I think relatively little to lose. Deep market thinkers at Canon might have concluded that while the availability of native EF-mount Zeiss lenses adds to the allure of the Canon line, when it comes to laying down the cash, relativeley few people will actually *buy* a manual focus lens with the mass of a well-crafted cinder block in preference to a snazzy AF L.

(I kinda chose Canon thinking if I ever needed the long telephotos... and of course I never bought one, and at this point probably never will.)

"Since third parties are already converting Contax N-mount lens to Canon EF-mounts "

We're talking two different things. Conurus scavenges Canon lenses and fit the mount into Contax N lenses. This is a small-time small shop operation. For Zeiss to design and manufacture high-end EF compatible lenses, they would have to get a license from Canon to use their EF mount.
Since we are in the guess game, I'll be bold and wishful: a new series of lenses to go with the brand new, soon to be announced at Photokina, digital Zeiss Ikon. You know... the full frame digital camera that the Leica M8 could have been...

I'm hoping that they'll be ef mount as that will save me mucking around with adaptors that are too thin and whose focus confirmationis only marginally reliable on a 1 series body.

If they'll also introduce the ZI digital with a full frame sensor (1Ds3...) then I'll be doubly happy - even if my ZI is out of date - if it uses M-mount lenses.


They're for the new Zeiss ZD digital camera!

Well, the name of the mount is official now, at least: ZE. Zeiss EOS?

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