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Monday, 22 September 2008


It's real. Mike, love your surgeon-dentist comparison! So the M8 becomes a dentist only cam then?

The article at least is real, I got the mag this morning.
It's also on Professional Photographer's site.


Talk about a surprise.

Plastic Surgeons

Hopefully the price will not be too outrageous but reality says $20k or more.

Now if it is just 56% more than the 5D Mark II, then I would buy one.

April 1st isn't for another 6 months or so.

I'm guessing a full frame M shouldn't be hard to do after all.


Gee, what happened to the S1 (S?)?

If the announcement of the camera is stunning, wait until the price is announced ...

Um, April was 5 months ago.

Hi Mike, as someone who has no idea of medium format systems, can you please put this news in context? I mean, how important or significant is this development? Does it matter (compared to the big two)? Will it be affordable etc etc.

I'm glad to see Leica doing -something- new...and I'm apparently not alone. The Leica fan site is overwhelmed. The crowds there are so starved for anything new they were beginning to watch reruns of the M8 announcement and convincing each other that the M8.2 is really "new".

Admittedly I know no more details on this S2 than are in that magazine article. I hope I'm wrong but I just don't see Leica being successful with such a camera. The market for medium-format digital (which is basically what this is) is already quite busy and saturated with excellent products. Sinar, Mamiya, Phase One, Hassy have all been jostling at this relatively small trough for quite some time with established camera/back and lens systems. They've also established their beachheads with the big rental shops, which is key to this market. Leica comes in with nothing established, with a new camera system not compatible with anything, and will certainly be asking some preposterous prices for this kit.

So I guess I see yet another flop, rather like their R-system.

So it's time to cash in the IRA, empty the high-yield bank account, raid the college fund, sell the cars, rent out the kids and mortgage the house.

Then use the proceeds to plan and finance a huge heist on the Federal Reserve that will give you just about enough money to buy the S2 with the cheapest lens in the line-up.

I am *SO* excited, Mike. [wipes sarcasm from keyboard]

Remember my dentist with the H3DII? He's ticked he didn't wait.

Frankly this is pretty smart for Leica to do. If people are inventing new size formats a la micro 4/3 why not go bigger? I don't think too many eye surgeons are going to buy it, but outdoor fashion, architectural, and landscape pros who wanted a little weather protection and portability can justify the price of 20,000 euros, if they are based in Europe (the dollar having tanked today).

It's going to be about $30,000 US for the body.

Only 7 buttons/dials beside the shutter button... That is so.... Zen!

"Now if it is just 56% more than the 5D Mark II, then I would buy one."

Well said.

Me too! This camera makes sense.

Oooh, shiny.

If you can score one of those, I'll be happy to review it, Mike [VUG]*

Odds of me ever buying one are about like that of buying a P65 back. Not in my income bracket, ever; not even close.

Still, soooo shiny.....

pax / Ctein

*Very Unlikely Grin

Medium format cameras have excellent image quality, but they are slow, clumsy, and expensive. If this camera is cheaper than the cheapest Hasselblad (£10,000 including standard lens), then it will be important.

Look at the size of that eyepiece.....

It only has to be in the same price range as the Fujiblad, even if the sensor is smaller it will still have advantages.... Leica may not get the user interface perfect but they can probably do better than Hasselblad, Leaf, Rollei, etc.

British Journal of Photograph says 20,000 pounds range.

A digital Norita...

This is EXACTLY what Canon (or for that matter Nikon, Olympus, Pentax) should have produced to move the DSLR beyond the traditional confines of 35mm film. Sadly, because it's Leica, the system will be prohibitively expensive. Nor does Leica have the electronics R&D of say, Canon, so I wonder if they will be able to develop the full potential of the system.

This SHOULD have been the new 5Dii :(



Two points: first, this is the first of what Leica says will be "many" products in the S-System; second, the sensor partner is Kodak, which, despite a spotty commercialization record, drove early DSLR development and owns more digital patents than Canon by a considerable margin. (Kodak makes money any time anyone buys any DSLR anywhere.) So all is not lost. Necessarily. [s]

Mike J.

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