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Saturday, 13 September 2008


For a "couple of bucks" you got a bit of bargain, Paul. Those Perkeos aren't that common, particularly the first models with the Vaskar lenses. I have seen the later model II's which feature the Skopar lens. (I think they look and function the same.)

Well it looks to me like you're doing just fine with this little old guy. These really were "guesstimate" focusing cameras. You can find a accessory for these cameras that takes most of the guess work out of focusing...but that would probably diminish the fun.

Thanks very much for posting this guy in "Mike's Old Beauties Camera Pageant", Paul.

Paul, excellent image!!!
I love the little perky's, I have a Perkeo III with Kolor-Skopar lens. I am always amazed at the Negative Size/Camera Size ratio.
Excellent IQ if one takes ones time.

Great camera:). With cameras like this I piratically don't use view finder...And if you are using it a lot you can get quit accurate :)

I could suggest other forgotten camera:). Moskva 1 (made in 1948m.) the first camera line from KMZ. I have special with brown leather not with black as it was common:).

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