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Sunday, 28 September 2008


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Why not check out the 8GB 300x Lexar card. Faster, cheaper, and reliable to boot...comes with rescue software as well.

Thanks Mike, if you get two of the 8GB Extreme III, it ends up being $19.90 total!

It is a stock-up and save rebate - buy 3 and its an $80 rebate. Thats a bit over $10 each for the 4gb extreme 3. I bought 3.

It is amazing. I remember purchasing 340MB micro drives in 2000 for $500 each. Two. They died in six-eight months.

Two weeks ago I purchased a 2GB Sandisk for $29.95. I've run these things through the wash and I still never lost an image.

I still can't get over it.


Good night. I bought my first 1G CF card for $75, 4x speed. They were almost $1K when they first came to the market.

That proves evolution.

Isn't there a big controversy over Sandisk not reliably sending folks their rebate checks?

Forgive me if this comes off as a bit curmudgeonly (you'd never begrudge a guy that, would you Mike?). But the Sandisk rebates are almost more trouble than they're worth. They are good deals; you'll just have to bend over backwards to get them -- a few times.

1. Send the usual materials (UPC, invoice, form) to Sandisk.
2. Wait a month or two to receive your rejection letter.
3. Call Sandisk to protest the rejection of your rebate.
4. Wait another month or two.
5. Send rebate check to the store where you bought the media. But first, you have to call to get an extra copy of the invoice because you sent the original to Sandisk to get the rebate in the first place.
6. Call the store two weeks later to place an order because you can't use the rebate in online orders.

At least, that was my experience. It wasn't so pleasant for some other folks who posted to Sandisk's forum.


My .02 - rebates are lame. Last year I bought two Sandisk cards, dutifully filled out the rebate card, sent in all required material and nothing ever came back to me. Whose fault it was, I'll never know, but I do know that I don't like rebates :)


Normally I hate rebates. I always base my purchase decision on the out-of-pocket price. However, on June 23 I purchased three Sandisk Extreme III 4GB CF cards from B&H and promptly mailed in my rebate request. On July 24 Sandisk sent me an email saying my rebate request had been received and was being processed. On Aug. 9 another email arrived from Sandisk announcing that my rebate request had been approved. My rebate arrived shortly thereafter. I remain shocked that the rebate process succeeded so painlessly.


I have NEVER EVER had a problem with not receiving a rebate check, and I am an active user (at least 10 rebates per year). Sure, companies look for reasons not to fufill the rebates, but usually people give them ample reasons to do so--wrong materials sent, form incompletely filled out, etc, etc. My experience is of 100% success with hundreds of rebates, for anything from $1 to $500. If you follow the instructions to the tee and keep a copy of everything you will get your money back. Anybody who says that they routinely do not receive money is either not reading, or not following instructions. Even if, in VERY rare circumstances, a company fails to produce a check, all it takes is a simple phone call and resubmitting the material.

By the way, the deals listed above are "terrible," you can get 8 GB Extreme III CF's for $6.67 each after rebate:

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