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Monday, 29 September 2008


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David Plowden has a great interview with Dick Gordon about his photographic career and the images that appear in Vanishing Point.


The one resource which has never existed is a comprehensive collection of the "great" photographs taken in the 160 years of the medium's history. It wouldn't really have to be terribly big--perhaps 300 pages, as even the greatest and most prolific photographers have only produced a (relative) few truly memorable images. Many (most?) of the great images are one-off.

Oops, this has come a day too late, just spent all my money on a new camera (the effect of all that Photokina coverage?).

No matter that the books may soon become unavailable, that was a an inspiring list of photographers - if we come back to the list in 12 or 24 months time then something by each one will be in print or on sale.
Its good to be reminded of the giants whose work we've not yet explored, thank you.

Cheers, Robin

August Sander is indeed still in print. Amazon at the moment has 5 copies of his 7 volume magnum opus in stock at a 37% discount, and says that more will be coming. It's worth having, but does need about 8 inches of shelf space.


I will be in NYC next weekend (from Germany), a good opportunity to stock up on some of these books. Any recommendations as to a "real" bookshop carrying a wide assortment at good prices?

Thanks Hendrik

I learned about 81A filters from "Mountain Light"...

- Tim

I live in Wisconsin, which is more than 700 miles from New York, but perhaps readers will have suggestions.

Mike J.

Where would you go to buy these and others in NYC or Boston. Will be over from Germany next week.

Hendrik, you should start at the Strand in NYC (directions at http://www.strandbooks.com/app/www/p/contact/), with its "18 miles of books" (new, new-old-stock, and used). It is an amazing place, with a very deep selection of interesting photo books; certainly among the best stores in the world for photo-book buyers. Beyond that, any large Barnes & Noble new-bookstore in Manhattan - and there are several very big B&Ns - will have some or all of the books reviewed above.


I'll second Robert's suggestion. The Strand is one of the many things about New York that I miss here in Frankfurt...

Also: even if you don't need to buy anything, go visit B&H. Everyone knows about B&H, but many people tend to think of it as "just" an Internet retailer. It isn't. They have an amazing store with really knowledgeable salespeople and stock just about anything you could ever want that is even slightly photography related. It really is a photography mecca, only outdone by 2 or 3 stores in Tokyo. Be sure to look up while you're there. You will see photo goodies whizzing through the air in a fasinating cable/basket system. The store is unique in a number of ways that I can't describe. Just go and see for yourself. Just be sure to check their opening hours and holiday schedule (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/find/HelpCenter/HoursOfOperation.jsp) to make sure you won't show up and be locked out.


Thanks for the recommendations (and sorry for the double post). Have located the B&Ns near my hotel, and both B&H and Strand are on the To-do list. As you do not have fixed prices (we do for books at least), would there be a general guideline, as to which shop is cheaper?

Best Hendrik

Most bookstores will charge list price for most photo books. Not to plug our online links, but ordering online is usually considerably cheaper, unless shipping adds too much.

Mike J.

For me your list brought to mind Turkish photographer Ara Guler. However, I don't think that his books are available in the States. I feel that his work is almost on par with HCB. Have you heard of him, or do you have any thoughts on his work? Some of the travel photography on my site was heavily influenced by him.

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