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Wednesday, 17 September 2008


And, folks, you'd better act fast. The last book I ordered that Mike had recommended was Fred Herzog's. That was how many months ago now? I ordered it within a day of Mike's recommendation. It just arrived. Gees, talk about influencing the market!


You must have my copy then. I ordered it from Amazon Canada months ago when it was supposedly "in stock", but I just received a message saying that they can't source the book anywhere and are therefore cancelling my order.

I am not amused.


I might have to pick this one up...Sam Abell shot with Olympus cameras and lenses for many years, and until Dec. 2002, that's what I shot with, too.

Mike, could you provide an Amazon link for those poor souls that cannot see your "Recommended by M.J." link on the sidebar...?



Amazon didn't live up to the "in stock" promise for me either. Shame on them.

Fortunately, I did get to see a library copy, and much of his work is available online. I know it's not the same, but it is an alternative way to see Fred's work.





For my fellow Canadians, Chapters/Indigo seems to have at least a few Herzog books left. I could pick up half a dozen copies locally (Vancouver) if I wanted to (at least, so their web site claims).


Thanks for the links...I think. Now that I have seen more of his work, I am even more upset that I didn't manage to get a copy of Vancouver Photographs.

Oh well. They have to reprint it eventually, right? .... RIGHT?!



Thanks for the tip! I just ordered a copy from their website. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but somehow I can't shake the feeling that I am cursed when it comes to this book...


I see that Amazon has "The Americans" by "Jack Kerouac" (!) as one of their "customers for this book also bought..." listings for this title.

The cover looks just like my copy by Robert Frank, too.

Regards - Ross

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