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Monday, 25 August 2008


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Hi Mike,
I'd say they did a superb job of translating your article. In fact, it's an adaptation: a translation on a higher level respecting both the letter and spirit of the original article. And it's a good one.

Of course, there weren't going to translate the first phrase of the HCB piece. So, they went like this:

"Bonjour Henri. This is a great capture, I love the composition and the dog."

Or as they say in french: "Bonjour Henri. C’est une très belle image, j’aime la compo et le chien."


At least your title is involuntarily funny :-) In fact it's hilarious.It comes out as "Hit the marvel" verry surreal.

It doesn’t help that there is no literal equivalent to “one hit wonder” in French. Well, to err is human but to really foul up requires a computer...

The article is reasonably well translated, give or take a few typos.

Compliments of my auto-translation widget. It re-translates to "a-strike the marvel." [g]

Mike J.

The translation is reasonably good although it "sounds like a translation" at times -- but let's not start playing the internet critic. ;-)

One thing I find fascinating with translation: you get to see how the translator interprets the source text, which parts of the original the translator thought were important, etc. And they invariably are not exactly the same ones another reader would have thought important. Sounds familiar?

Mike, the term in French would be "Star d'un soir" (literally "one-evening star").

Translation is OK, but it's always hard to compare with the original. Could use a little bit of revising, which someone else down the road may do if the text catches on.

(Arrgh! I can't help sounding like an Innnernet critic now!)

C'est très bien, et qu'importe la lettre, seul l'esprit compte !

The first and maybe greater / oldest MJ fan in France.

Hi, thanks for pointing the typos I hope most of them have been corrected (though typos are also a part of comments on the Internet).
I was directed to your text when I complained about such comments on one of my picture... and it also made me curious about your blog, which is now in my netvibes :)

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