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Thursday, 28 August 2008


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It's just some new events in the Olympics: fastest optimal placements of camera, lens hauling, fastest chimping, etc.

Google does a great job at a translation: http://translate.google.com/

I'm not sure all that 'black' glass is Nikon. Some of those look like the Sigma monster lenses... I could be wrong.

Wow, Nikon has really made a comeback. Canon must be going nuts to lose this much share just in time for the Olympics. From the photographer perspective, nothing could be better! Two healthy giant manufacturers is better than one.

Man, that was a lot of glass. Is it my imagination or is the ratio of white-barrels to black-barrels changing from times past....?

If you look closely most of those lenses are black Canon L glass. Do you see the red strip on the front.

This has to have been one of the most constantly "monitored" events of all time. There were still and TV cameras *everywhere*. No athlete in any significant sport had a moment of privacy while they were performing. The divers were followed into the showers and hot tub, gymnasts had several wide-angle cams stuck in their faces while waiting for scores, proud parents stuck up in shadowy nose bleed seats were zoomed in so close you could see the tears coming out of their eyes and often had their conversations played out to nationwide if not global viewers with parabolic mics.

It was a bit scary actually.

And who said that there aren't any women in photojournalism?

Imagining all of them chimping at the same time conjures up images of a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters...

I love the panorama! Just fabulous. I figured the guys clowning were the ones who made this shot?

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