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Wednesday, 13 August 2008


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One of the things that continues to amaze me about photography is when a photographer consistently captures an emotional tone. When a painter or sculptor captures a consistent tone, I appreciate it as much but it doesn't amaze me as much because, given a certain level of craft, much more is under the control of the painter. They choose the paint, the surface, the palette, etc. I don't mean to minimize those achievements in any fashion.

I had never known of Mr. Donaghy's work before today. But even just looking at the few images on the obit page, I was immensely moved. His vision seemed so clear. I mourned his loss through his work. Thanks for calling my attention to this artist.

I agree with Chris in his assessment of the few images posted with the obit. They're wonderful! I look forward to the anticipated monograph to be published by those fantastic folks over at Nazraeli. It's too bad these guys have to die before we get to find out about their work. Thanks Mike, as always, for keeping your ear to the ground and bringing us these very special contributors to this very special art form. dya~

Thanks for the link. I found two of the photographs particularly wonderful, the rainy street corner and the amazing lake scene, which is reminiscent of a masterful painting.

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