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Wednesday, 27 August 2008


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His eyes & mind still have a chance, I see this illusion too :)

加油加油加油 = GO!! GO!! GO!! = Hurray

I think facing the other way is paid work?
In football (soccer) matches, especially the big ones, there is a ring of marshalls who watch the crowd, to stop against hooligans and streakers charging the pitch.
When there is a championship winning goal, I'm amazed that they have the willpower not to turn around. Although I guess by the time the crowd goes wild, they've missed the event...

No doubt there are other watchers keeping an eye on those watchers, with heavy penalties for any crowd-watcher who looks away. Such is life in a totalitarian state...

"Jia You" literally means "Add Oil/Fuel" which colloquially speaking, if you are in Beijing - translates to: turn on your afterburner, but only you are translating to.. oh, never mind.

thanks mark s+ for your great insightful comment! :) because they have similar marhsals for football matches in europe that must mean all of europe is totalitarian too.

I can't look at that picture very long, I know it's just an optical illusion due to the curving lines on the track, but I keep thinking that the picture and the text are misaligned!

"I keep thinking that the picture and the text are misaligned!"

Me too. Weird, isn't it? Usually a known straight line will tend to suppress an optical illusion, but not in this case.

Mike J.

RE: The "trapezoid effect" there. I even aligned the picture with the bottom of my browser to "make sure" I was not going crazy. It was the first thing I saw when I scrolled down, and I spent at least two minutes agonizing over it until I scrolled up and read your comment.

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