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Friday, 18 July 2008


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When I got interested in photography just a few years ago, I began reading the magazines and visiting the websites, trying to learn as much as I could as fast as I could (I also took thousands and thousands of pictures, from which I learned even more . . . ). Nothing surprised me more than how many of the magazines and websites, even otherwise wonderfully informative and useful ones, from which I learned, and still learn, a lot, are also characterized by bad grammar, lousy spelling, pre-high school English, and general illiteracy. And apparently no proofreading either (although the lack of proofreading may also contribute to the bad grammar and the lousy spelling)!
One of the many pleasures of T.O.P., Mike, is that I never stumble over a badly formed, ungrammatical sentence with misspelled words and misguided or misinformed cultural or scientific allusions, and with typos to boot!
Thanks Mike! It really does make a big difference in the readability of T.O.P. and that, in turn, contributes to T.O.P.'s being the terrific read that it is (I'm one of those who check in two or three times a day to see what's new).

Aw, now don't say that, Richard, you'll jinx me...if people start looking for mistakes they'll find 'em. I appreciate the compliment, though, because I work at making the site reasonably well-edited.

Personally I don't mind typos too much as long as it's easy to figure out the author's meaning. The bad ones are the ones that make it impossible to tell what was meant. Same thing with magazine layouts, for that matter. I don't mind ugly, but when a design interferes with readability, then it's a poor design.

Mike J.

This is the first serial I have followed since Calvin and Hobbes. Yes, it is that good.

You can't mention newspaper comic strip photographers without mentioning Steve Roper, sort of the American Tintin.

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