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Tuesday, 29 July 2008


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Dang it, I just placed a huge order from Adorama, and completely forgot to use the link. Drat. Darn. And other bad words.

Solution: I have replaced my bookmark with the link from your page. Now I don't have to think about it -- every future order automatically goes through your link.

No problem. But in return, please call up Jeff Bezos and tell him that I am STILL waiting for my copies of "The Americans" and "Vancouver Photographs" to arrive from Canada...



Tanks? You're welcome, I guess... ;-))

Yay for neighborly support!

"Solution: I have replaced my bookmark with the link from your page. Now I don't have to think about it -- every future order automatically goes through your link."

Hi Ken,
Thanks for the thought, but I'm not sure that works with Adorama...in fact I'm pretty sure it doesn't. At least it doesn't with B&H. The upside of the B&H link is that it's "sticky" for three days...if you've gone there from our link, any time you go back to the site within the next three days, we'll still get credit for it.

Bookmarking our Amazon link DOES work, though.

Thanks again for caring, at any rate!

Mike J.

Mike, I always have a bunch of stuff in my Amazon cart...that I don't buy (cos I can't afford it). But every now and again I'll go, save most of the items "for later" and purchase the remainder. Now, here's the tech question: if I go back through your link and purchase the items that are already in my cart, will you still get your credits? I suspect the answer is yes, but thought I would make sure as I'll be buying some books within the next few days. They've been sitting in that cart for many weeks and some are starting to smell...

I'm pretty sure the answer is yes....

Mike J.

Nice portrait, you haven't changed a bit. Please make sure you got credit for that 46" Samsung HDTV I just bought. :~)

Since I don't get credit for going through my own Amazon links, and from having Amazon links I've discovered that it isn't necessary for the purchaser to buy the linked item, but that I get credit for things they buy after entering through my link, I've been making a point of entering Amazon through TOP when I need something from Amazon--just a coupla books last week, but I buy a lot more books than cameras.

Can I say that if I click the link on the bottom right hands (to Amazon UK/Germany/Canda/Japan, then when I purchase something else (even those similar to what Miserere had said was already in the cart), you still claim credit?

If so, cool. I would do that. Just have to remember.

Further, I guess that applies also to those links above e.g. for the Amazon link of Steven Johnson's book as well?

BTW, not replacing that and hope not look cheap but could you have a donation icon via paypal so that from time to time I can be sure to give something back to sites that I read daily. I did this for Ken Rockwell site, even though sometimes hard to agree what he said, I enjoy his site. Of course, not the same kind of enjoyment as your site. Not much, Just a token I am afraid.

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