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Thursday, 17 July 2008


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I wonder if Kem McNair was tempted to photoshop out the boat on the left?

Tom, how about that one then? ;)


What is the buteo carrying?

Nick, I have seen that shot before and it is amazing. A quick calculation based on the size of the magpie suggests that the eagle isn't too big, even though it looks huge.

Andrew, I think that the hawk is carrying nesting material (though I am not sure I would want to build a nest where there are crows around).

Crows hassling hawks. I see that all the time around here. Why do they do it?

Yeah, I know I'm kind of off topic, but crows are really interesting.


Agreed, crows are very cool birds. Not sure why the mob raptors, but they do it whenever they can. It's in their genes.

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