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Monday, 09 June 2008


Underwater!....... Unbelievable. I’m getting nervous. Seriously nervous. Seems like the entire mid-west has been relentlessly pounded this year. Tornados, floods, more tornados, more floods, havoc. Much of that part of our country is farms. Farms = food. I can’t afford gas. Shortly I won’t be able to afford carrots and lettuce. Mercy!

paul kramarchyk
Barkhamsted, Connecticut

Yes, I was watching this video this afternoon. Wow, if that's not footage of someone's worst nightmare I don't know what is.

It sure stormed terrifically down here in Chicago this past weekend (as my still-drying shoes will confirm). But Wisconsin really got clobbered.

We'll be visiting up there next weekend so be sure to dry the Milwaukee area out in the next few days, Mike.

God Bless those houses, and all who sail within them.

Tragedy is like real estate: it's all local. We aren't shaking or burning (at the moment) here in Southern California, and we won't likely see much rain until next winter. But your tribulations seem close at hand, because you are "somebody we know."

Stay up on the hill and take good care...

My heart goes out to all those people. Natural disasters seem all more the norm nowadays. Here on the South Carolina coast we are constantly on the alert for another Hurricane Hugo. All you can do is be prepared to the best of your ability.

my condolences to all who lost property..fortunately the lake had a river to flow into and didn't pour into a residential area where losses would have been far worse. We just went through a tropical depression in the Pacific that left millions of dollars in damages in its wake. People lost their homes all over Costa Rica and flooding was horrendous. Many were stranded on the roads for days due to landslides. That depression turned into tropical storm Alma as it moved northward and then overland. I'm wondering if it's not part of the weather phenomenon that is wrecking havoc in the Midwest. Stay dry, Mike..

I seem to remember a similar situation when I was living in Iowa in about 1993. I made several trips (50 miles each way) to Des Moines to sand bag around peoples homes in a desperate attempt to save something, anything. It's too bad it takes a natural disaster to bring out the selflessness in people (myself included). This incident just prompts me to be a less selfish person. Thanks for the reminder Mike.

Take care Mike.


Sorry about your negatives. Glad you still have your house, Mike. I think there will be more extreme weather the next couple of years, probably because of global heating affecting the weather system. Best thing is to be prepared, and to help your neighbours. Second best thing might be to do some extreme photography ... somebody has to do it.

It's been crazy around here. I live next door to you in New Berlin and the worst we are having are flooded farm fields and basements and its hard to imagine what's happening so close to home. Good to hear your house is in good shape, I also live on a hill and we haven't had as much as a drop of water in the basement. I feel terrible watching other homes get completely washed away. Helps me put everything in perspective.

Take care and try to stay dry.

This has even made the news in Melbourne, Australia. I hope you and all your friends and family are doing OK. Try to stay dry and keep photographing.

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