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Thursday, 26 June 2008


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Great story.

It leads me to ask this. There are thousands of photographs posted in the burgeoning street photography sections of Flickr, PhotNet and a few other places. Where are the photos of black people? I'm not being facetious, just take a look.

Now, who was the elevator girl (that Kerouac wanted to meet)?



Know that photo by Cartier-Bresson of the couple kissing, sitting by a sidewalk cafe, and a dog looking on? The man was my older brother.
(I've tried to find the photo online, but in vain.)


Do you mean this photo:
The title is given here as "Sidewalk Cafe, Boulevard Diderot, Paris 1969".



So kind of you to help, Alan. Yes, that's my brother! My mother recognized him, and he was working in Paris in that period, and could be counted upon to kiss ladies whenever the chance arose.

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