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Saturday, 14 June 2008


I want it! It will go well with my Dymaxion!


Gawd. That thing looks like a total deathtrap.

Mike J.

Personally I wouldn't pay a dime over $199,000 for it. I think I'll now pay $99 for the 135mm 3.5 screwmount I've been eyeing for my Canon 7 RF. I was on the fence. ;0

So, is it really an M5 prototype?

well, lens included!

Oh, man oh man! I think I hit the wrong button on that page. I cannot bear to look. Was it a decimal point or a comma in the middle of all those numbers?

It has a selenium meter which was out of date in that era???

Photo Arsenal is always good for a laugh or ten. Why get the prototype when you can have a wood mock up for less than 1/20 the price?


Just look at almost any of Photo Arsenal's eBay listings for a hearty laugh.

But how good would it be in Iraq?

How many mp? At that price, I hope it at least comes with a battery charger.

And they have already a record of 2549 transactions. Wow.

>Gawd. That thing looks like a total deathtrap.

In 1933, it looked like the future!

I saw Fuller speak once, very near the end of his life. I was a mere puppy and couldn't follow the circles he talked in, but was impressed with the sheer number of ideas the man had come up with over time. To my dad who went with me and was born in the same year as Fuller, he was simply the ultimate egghead.

Which may explain the shape of the Dymaxion!

>Photo Arsenal is always good for a laugh or ten. Why get the prototype when you can have a wood mock up for less than 1/20 the price?

Apparently the M5 was originally meant to be a screw mount.

Well of course..."No payments or interest 'till 2009." That makes it a deal.

We may look at the price of the Leica and wonder at it is cost, but remember that from the stand point of the uber rich (the only buyer for such a thing), they may make that much money in only a hours of oil pumping or stock trading. To people such as the sultan of Brunei, or the sheiks of Saudi Arabia (to name only two possible examples), it is not quite "pocket change," but not a large expense.

How does it compare to a Zeiss Ikon (current model)...as a usable picture taking tool?

Perhaps I can justify the Zeiss, by comparing the price to the Leica?


What?? No free shipping?? That’s it, I retract my bid . . .

You should see how much they want for the one with the snakeskin covering.

Compare an contrast (Voigtlander Vitomatic II) http://www.photoethnography.com/ClassicCameras/index-frameset.html?VoigtlanderVitomatic.html~mainFrame

The Voigtlander seems to solve the same problem as the M5. Currently the camera as shown, with the Tessar style lens goes for $47 on ebay. The ones with the f2 Ultron lens somewhat more.

And I think the camera has style!

At first glance I thought it was one of those German Instamatics from the mid 70's. I'm not quite convinced that it isn't.

Oh my. Instamatic isn't in my spell checker. How quickly we forget.

I think I know of a Nigerian Finance Minister who might be interested, he can only pay by Western Union however.

Coincidentally there was a recent article on Fuller (Dymaxion Man) in the New Yorker:

Shipping cost from hong kong are an additional (40.- euros). the same is true for VAT, but there should be no duty payable if the buyer resides in the EU.

I would collect it and bring it to any address within the EU for half the VAT.

Well if it does RAW it is definitely worth it.

and if you live in Germany you can get it for just 8 euros postage.....!

I think you have to give them points for trying.

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