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Wednesday, 18 June 2008


A fascinating story! Thanks for bringing it to us.

I hope a book of collected work by Roy will come out of this effort.

The historical/documentary aspect is one of the most fascinating aspects of photography, no doubt.

What a trove!

That would be an excellent show. I could never have waited 20 years to open something like that.

great stuff.

Lovely find.

Am I the only person to be shocked by the NYT confusing "pouring over" with "poring over" though ?

You just can't get the subs these days.


I have a family album photo of my dad with these three persons from 1957. The boy, Rajiv Gandhi, looks a year or two older than in the picture I have, so I'd date this photo to c. 1959.

The sad part of the story is how many crates of negatives/prints were tossed out by someone who had no clue of the history in them. I have purchased many boxes of slides for the cases and carousals only to find a life story in them. As someone who has a precious few pictures of my family's past, I can only hope that in the future a family member will treasure the photos I take today.


The transition from British rule to Indian self determination was amazing. So much happened in such a short period.

I like some of the images Henri Cartier-Bresson made during this time. I can't wait to see what this newly revealed body of work yields.

This picture is awesome - three Prime Ministers in one shot, of course at the time of shooting Mr. Roy did not know that.

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