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Monday, 23 June 2008


I was so, so sad to hear of George's death this morning on the radio. He's been one of my favourite comedian, and favourite modern philosopher, for many years. A few months ago he was set to perform close to where I live and my wife said she would buy us tickets for my birthday. They were around $85 each and I thought "that's a third of a lens, at least!", so we didn't go.

I'll let you guys figure out the lesson here.

Mike, How can *I* live with myself?

"(If you want to spend the least amount of time, start at about the one minute mark and listen for about 45 seconds)"

Yeah right. I listened to the whole thing and then opened some 10 other vids of him on the youtube. Took me 2 hours and my belly hurts now.

Carlin was always one of my favorite comedians. I watched him as a kid, and I was still watching him in college, still good, still full of energy, still hilarious and relevant. Carlin was something special.

That is just freaky. Did your Phil know George Carlin? If not then this just got a LOT more freaky.


"Did your Phil know George Carlin?"

I can't be positive, but I would certainly be very surprised if he did. Phil was the type of "greatest generation" American who thought electric guitar was a "ridiculous" instrument (he preferred Mozart, on a stereo he built himself).

Mike J.

So, did you see your friend Phil the day before he died? :-)

I'm sorry for your loss of your good friend. I lost two close family members last year, so hearing George's bit about death was a little hard to listen to, not that I think my brother went to the traditional heaven. And come to think of it, it's pretty likely that my dad *did* the UPS guy!

Thanks for the grins.

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