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Monday, 05 May 2008


I think this is an excellent collective project and your book, in particular, is well done, Gordon. Seeing it nearly the first thing in my morning today it brought a smile to my face.

There is nothing quite like a deadline to milk one's productivity and nothing quite like a sense of purpose to laser focus one's creative juices. These little book projects are a perfect medium for just that.

With the rising availability of print-on-demand book printing and binding technology I think that the old family photo albums of the future may well become a series of bound and narrated volumes (with the source PDF becoming the archived master).

I've been sort of envious of the NaNoWriMo folk.

This is a good excuse to actually finish something, which I think is the appeal of NaNoWriMo. I live in a neighborhood where it seems like everybody is writing a novel and every November "how's the novel?" is the standard greeting, sort of like "how's the screenplay" is in LA.

I've got a few dozen almost finished projects. I think all of them could be called "Zeno goes for a walk" or something like that. Getting them half way done is pretty easy , but somehow they always become huge and unwieldy and never quite get finished, like this for instance.


Which is actually a rough draft of something for the "The Third Annual Brooklyn Blogfest 2008" on May 8th

Well done Gordon. In addition to the great photos, the concept and layout are excellent. Please don't let your camera gather too much dust (field work excepted).

Wow. Way cool. Great job and thanks to Paul for comming up with this idea.

Phenomenal - thank you for the post.

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