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Wednesday, 14 May 2008


I have the Chronicle edition of The Bikeriders & the reproduction quality is excellent. It also has some colour photos that were not included in the original edition. Unless you are a mad collector most people would probably be better off with this latest edition.

One point I would like to make about judging book values by prices listed on abebooks or amazon second hand market is that these are just asking prices. There are some dealers who list incredibly high prices in hope of snaring some sucker. I would need to see evidence that people are regularly paying those high prices before I would accept that was their value. I'm not denying that some photobooks are worth a lot, just that I don't accept a dealers asking price as market standard.

Funny you should mention it.

Just before heading to the computer (and logging onto TOP) I was sitting in my recliner and thinking how pleasant it was that I could enjoy a very nice library of photography (books).

Tonight I seemed to be particularly interested in landscapes, probably due to a Canadian trip I have planned in the Autumn to visit photography friends and shoot B&W LF landscapes.

I was looking at Roman Loranc's "Two-Hearted Oak," John Blankmore's "Black and White Workshop," and Paul Strand's "Retrospective 1915-1968" from Aperture.

Such a privilege.

Simple comment: nice post! Well written, well said.

"Such a privilege."

TOTALLY. You got that right. I feel the same way. Like having a huge, great museum right here at home.

Mike J.


Mike J.

I had "Crosstown" on my list since the earlier posts regarding it. Now..."I could have bought it a few months ago, but I missed my chance."

Back when I was getting back into photography in 2001, I picked up a copy of Crosstown after seeing it in a book store. I was taken by the linen cover and the tipped in picture on the front. I can't tell you how many times I've looked at is since. I get such a kick out of looking through that book, including certain pages that make me laugh out loud. That was the first book, there have been many since, including a few that have gone to similar levels in the secondary market.

Sell it? Never gonna happen.


Why do ex lib books turn you off? they are often great bargains and you get the content.

if you knew how low the replacement cost of library books is, you might be, oh, tempted to "lose" a few titles.

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