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Wednesday, 30 April 2008


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Even #200 is certainly impressive. I just checked a book for which I wrote the introduction that came out at the end of March, and at the moment it's #2 in Polish Fiction, which amounts to #87,360 on the main list. Well, I don't get any royalties for an introduction anyway...

I'm off to check how much the book bounces now that you've introduced it to us. I mean, just the fact that it's worthy of lying on your desk is quite the accolade, isn't it? :-)

Funnily enough, I've been wanting a book like this for a while, but just never bothered to research for it. I like flash photography when you can't tell a flash was used (a bit like how I like photography most when I cannot tell what camera/lens was used), and this title seems to fit that bill. And hey, if it's good enough for The Strobist, it should be more than good enough for little me.

I do look forward to your review, Mike.

I heard a talk by someone who explained that he had arranged for his friends to purchase around 500 copies of his book at the appropriate time of the dawn to ensure that he could print off the listing of his book as bestseller!!


Dear Mike,
Thanks for the bounce mention. Interestingly enough the book has pretty much sold out. The publisher is printing the second edition and the actual publication date for the first book isn't officially until tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy it. And I look forward to your review. Thanks to everyone!!!!!


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