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Friday, 11 April 2008


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I grew up in Colorado, my father taking me on countless back packing trips, learning some of the most valuable lessons and basic survival skills that I still hold today (land navigation, hunting, cold weather survival, how to hike, how to pitch a tent, how to purify water, etc.) One of my proudest moments as a youth was standing at the top of Mt. Elbert with my brother and father. Thank you for making this post about Mr. Brauer and sharing this shot. It truly brought back some fantastic memories! And as for Ouray - yes, I am jealous too!

Thank you so much for posting the link to this site! As a native of NM who now resides in eastern MA (where the highest points are often man-made refuse piles), Jack Brauer's work is most refreshing. I did not see Mt. Blanca, but I hope he adds work from that region as well.

The moonlight shots are particularly spectacular. The clarity of the scenery in the shot below really does reflect the clarity of the light even at night.


(Sadly, air-pollution is pervading even these regions.)

I followed your link to this website, and these pictures are amazing! Crummy weather here in Ohio, so I clicked around for hours imagining I was in all the locations where these gorgeous shots were taken -- mountains, desert, Croatia & Italy, Patagonia...

Thanks for the link -- this one will go into my favorites.

Always nice to see your pictures of your backyard. I grew up here in CO, I've climbed Mt. Elbert in the winter and last year participated in the annual run from Ouray to Telluride. Thanks for posting these images!

Terrific images. I'd never be jealous of anyone who lives in Ouray. It's a nicely quaint place, but so hemmed in by mountains that it only gets (I'm guessing here) five or six hours of sunlight a day. And the brrr! factor in winter has got to be a ten.

Really excellent, classic mountain photography......

I miss the mountains of Colorado and shall spend this rainy morning perusing these.


Brauer is one of a strong contingent of dedicated landscape photographers in Colorado many of whom, including Brauer, are regulars on either of two dedicated forums, www.npcolorado.net and www.colorado.naturephotographers.net. I recommend that anyone looking or info on where to shoot, esp. fall colors, stop by at either website for advice, they really know their way around Colorado. Daren Kilgore and Jesse Spear are also very talented landscape photographers who shoot a lot in the SanJuans and West Elks; they founded npcolorado. Having spent my salad days in Colorado, I really enjoy seeing images that are so familiar. I am insanely jealous of the opportunites these guys have. ch

I saw Jack's photos from the link to his DP1 review posted by him on TOP. And I was dumbstruck. This is the level of landscape photography I can only dream of reaching someday.

If I could only afford a workshop with someone like him, that would probably improve my game more than any camera or lens. Glad to see him featured here.




Ouray is one of the great places on this Earth. I have quite fond memories of every time I've been there.

If you're wanting to take photos like Jack's you'd better be 1) In extremely good shape 2) be willing to risk your life by yourself in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, and winter 3) and of course be very talented behind the lens.

His images are so unique because he's just a very good photographer but he's also willing and able to go to places that most won't or can't get to.
Inspiring to say the least!

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