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Thursday, 17 April 2008


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I'm trying to guess which concert these guys are coming out of -- Rod Stewart? The concept is brilliant -- no images from the series online?

Man, that is a lot of Rod!

Not to comment directly on this post -- I find these images uninteresting -- but last week I went to Scorsese's "Shine a Light" concert film about the Rolling Stones. I spent a lot of time, while listening to the music, just taking in the photography, including some problems (like the fact that the cameras couldn't handle the DR between the dark crowd background and Christina Aguilera's brilliant white dress, which left her at some points as a totally blown-out silhouette. But man, she's got some pipes! I didn't appreciate that before. I wouldn't characterize the photography as brilliant, but rather, "interesting." The whole film seems like a step-down from "The Last Waltz," except that the music is better IMHO. Seeing it in IMAX also makes a difference. If you get up high enough, and centered enough, it's like you're on-stage.


win some, lose some, some get rained out....

JC -
"I wouldn't characterize the photography as brilliant, but rather, "interesting.""

But who to blame? (17) cameras and about every DP they could get their hands on to do the filming. And my daughter sitting in a trailer for two weeks trying to keep up with loading for them all :( At least she got to meet the Clintons :)

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