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Tuesday, 15 April 2008


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"The first 9 tracks from the Nine Inch Nails Ghosts I-IV collection are available as official high-quality, DRM-free MP3s, including the complete PDF. No credit card or payment information is required for this download.

Click here ( http://ghosts.nin.com/main/order_options ) for instructions on downloading your free NIN Tracks"

[ Source: http://smartcanucks.ca/canadian-freebies-free-stuff-canada/nin-ghosts-i-free-mp3-download/ ]

I just bought the 2 CD set. Can't seem to bring myself to download it FREE

Never heard of this but I am a fan of both instrumental and experimental sound.
Oh and if Adrian Belew is on it I gotta buy it.


charlie d,
Hear ya. The twang bar king also plays on a couple of tracks on Porcupine Tree's "Deadwing."

Mike J.

Oh don't do that to me Mike. I am trying to pay off my debt to the I.R.S (and I don't mean the defunct record label) I own Lone Rhinoceros and Twang Bar King on Vinyl, but never bought anything on CD. I have seen him many times both solo and with the Bears and actually had a drink with him and T. Leary in the early 80's (Leary was speaking about computers at my college)

I just spent 10 minutes going through his entire discography including as contributor or producer.

What an amazing collection and what an amazingly down to earth guy he is. I could go broke buying all those CD's from Zappa to Cindy Lauper!


best five bucks you'll ever spend.....

wow, amazing stuff..i came late to the NIN party, buying my first CD just a few weeks ago, falling in love and now have several CD's. I clicked this link expecting some screaming wall of sound i wasn't really sure i wanted to crash into tonight but have been rewarded with something so fine, so complicated, layered and inspiring i just had to write and say thanks!

Oh my God, online music sharing will starve the artists to death!


Another proof that the only things that will be killed by the MP3 revolution are the mammoth record companies. The artists will keep doing very well, thank you.

The dinosaurs die, the small mammals thrive. Nature repeats itself.

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