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Friday, 18 April 2008


From the look of it Mike, you seem to have many readers who actually follow the links you provide. Apparently, the page with the "Paparazzi Play Set" had a nervous breakdown (according to themselves), and I'm sure it is due to the massive traffic generated from the TOP readers.

The Paparazzi play set--ummm. What brand do they shoot? And does the maker also offer a 'love me--leave me alone" celebrity figure set? Enquiring minds will want to know.

Funny, I graduated from Colorado College (83) and never heard word one about Robert Adams, and I spent considerable time in the photgraphy department. ch

I wonder what the nineth one looks like?

A friend of mine runs a small recording studio called "Monster Island Records." I forget what he did exactly when he got a threatening letter from Monster Cable, but he managed to keep the name and didn't pay them anything--


Oh, Mike, love the end of the first comment. :-)

And the cable read was very entertaining. Having experienced something similar, I really enjoyed Kurt Denke's response.

It's particularly amusing that it should be a Hi-Fi cable company is defending "their" IP so aggressively. It's like the tailor who made the Emperor's new clothes trying to patent nudity.

Hi Mike,

Leave it to you to bury a very important announcement in one sentence of a post about another camera. Congratulations on your new Pentax! I will be looking forward to your future posts about the K20D.


Thank you, but I don't have a new Pentax. I have a test camera on temporary loan from the company. A review sample. I get to use it for 30 days, more or less.

Mike J.

The first image reminded me to send you a link to Andri Pol, my favourite swiss news/editorial photographer:

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