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Monday, 24 March 2008


Is it Bad Hair Day, the one with the shadow of the tree coming out of the guy's head? That's my favorite anyway!

I try to. I'm a computer geek by day and a photographer by night, so Wired really punches me right in my demographic.

The photography in Wired is usually pretty interesting.

Aesthetically speaking I like #2 a lot. As native of the Southwest who lives in the Boston area, I really miss the kind of open space represented in this image. I also like the use of lines to fame the jumping central figure, and the way the shadow gives meaning to an otherwise empty lower right hand corner.

of the remainder: The woman sneaking ice cream fits my mode of life; #3 also strikes a cord. For some reason it brought to mind Munch's "The Scream.' (Umm, searching for fatty foods, and mental anguish--a disturbing pattern perhaps.)

No. 1
It's the most striking.

"Is it Bad Hair Day, the one with the shadow of the tree coming out of the guy's head? That's my favorite anyway!"

Extra credit for you. Black-and-white, [presumably] unmoles...er, unmanipulated. The tree branches imply at least a neural network, if not actual wiring...or maybe, symbolically, the emanation of ideas....

Mike J.

I like 2 too. Er, also.

Mike J.

Baron Von Foss

I have become a fan of Wired. It's really one of the few magazines I can pick up and be consistently interested (and a lot of the time, even educated) from front to back. I've picked it up the past few times I've traveled and I'm considering a subscription.

Some interesting images here... I, too, like the tree head, and the two floating guys make for interesting pictures too.

No. 8

Simple. To the Point... and cool/cold, too.

Oh good!
I must be frequenting the right blog after all.... I liked the tree head best and I'm so glad it was your favourite too. The only one that was a true photograph??

Cheers, Robin

Uh, oh Mike!
Your favourite picture (and mine, too) was taken with a cell phone. Sign of the times ...

Number Three, the fog, the road curving away
to where? So much of the photograph speaks
to me of my current being.

I like #2 - The setting, sky and shadows are sort of Dali-esque. (I wish the main subject wasn't centered, but that's just nitpicking.)

It looks like "Alice" is shot looking down at a TLR of some sort.

#8 speaks to me best, because the hue projects the emotion of cold so well, and I like the gritty quality. Makes it feel bitingly cold. Could have been shot in Hawaii with swim trunks and flip flops on, but it makes me shiver anyways...I like #1 too, B&W is a great way to simplify and make the contrasting elements stand out. I imagine how hard it would be for me to print it out as well as it displays. All in all a great collection, and I'm a Wired subscriber.

Apropos #2: Dali-esque. I had not though of that, but I like it. Yes, it would be interesting to see it with a bit different framing; perhaps with a bit more of the left brought in by moving the camera a bit left-forward from the original position.

oooh, oooh, i picked Bad Hair Day as your fave..and also mine! It's cool, grainy, subtle, creative and mysterious.

I made my decision already on the thumbnails
definitely bad hair day - because it is very "lee friedland- ish "
least technically gimmicky , funny , simple,
and with intellectual l depth :-)

100% best .

It's the girl with the ice cream that does it for me! In truth I liked all of them which, for me and my normal reaction to competition images, is a surprise!

Bad hair day- because it's less contrived then the others (or a least appears to be)

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