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Friday, 28 March 2008


While I'm delighted to see your new B&H sponsorship (I usually drop a couple of thou with them every year), when I copy and paste the link in, it just reverts to www.bhphotovideo.com, with no indication that it's been accessed through TOP. Are you sure that it's working? (The one into Amazon works fine.)

Way to go.

Even in far off Ireland we regularly use B&H. Their service is excellent. We'd be delighted to pass all our purchases via TOP

Actually, no, I'm not certain. I haven't gotten a confirmation of it from B&H. So maybe it's better just to use the site link. I'll go change the post and take out that URL.


Mike J.

Bravo! Most of my photographic purchases go to B&H. Here in Connecticut, if I order online by mid day, they almost always ship that day and UPS 3 day gets to me from them in one day. If you want to be sure it's working, I clicked through their TOP ad on Wednesday and bought 10 rolls of 120 TX400, among other things.

You were the first, I think. Your film purchase included (effectively) a 79¢ donation to TOP, for which thanks! Did you also buy some NH-5 fixer and some Multigrade FB Warmtone?

Mike J.

OK, that prompts me to complete the checkout for some items that have been sitting in my B&H "Cart."

I have been a satisfied B&H customer for many years, and from now on I'll be happy to use the T.O.P. link so I can continue to enjoy T.O.P. for a long time to come.

About 5 days too late. Sorry. I bought a Zeiss Ikon from them after your recent review. Next time, eh?

Too bad, but no worries. I hereby unilaterally declare your new ZI to be loaded with good karma anyway. [g]

Hope you have fun with it!

Mike J.

Dear Mike,

You have a way to check if someone's ordered something thru one of your links? Reason I'm asking is I ordered about $400 worth of stuff thru Amazon in mid-March and I logged in via your link, but I really have no way of knowing if you got a kickback from those sales.

pax / Ctein

I can check. The reports tell me what was ordered on what date, but not who ordered it or how it was paid for or any personal information at all (naturally). If you know the date and remember some of the items, I can check.

If the items are distinctive enough I can check with just an approximate date, but there are a lot of items ordered so it would quickly get unwieldy to wade through it all. If you ordered something that many people are ordering, there would be no way for me to distinguish yours from someone else's.

Mike J.

Wonderful!! I buy most everything photographic from B&H and have for over 20 years. I am so glad I can help contribute to your site in this manner Michael.

If the 1 train would only pass through Waukesha on the way to 34th Street, I'd order through T.O.P., but lacking that, I do click through the links here to Amazon, when I need something from Amazon.

Congratulations! The more support the better for your site. This is one of the few places I read on a regular basis.

"...but lacking that, I do click through the links here to Amazon, when I need something from Amazon."

Which is a big help too, so thanks for that.

Mike J.

This is terrific news. I buy from B&H exclusively. Now I will make purchases there by coming to TOP and then clicking B&H. Well done sir.

Congrats on bringing the B&H Affiliate Program online with TOP! I had done the same with my blog, but since I didn't really get the traffic that places like TOP do, have since abandoned adverts and it's gone back to just being a labor of love. That being said, I do make most of my purchases through B&H as well. Typically I use the NAPP link to get some discounts there (free shipping), but if there's a way to navigate through your site while still maintaining that NAPP benefit, that would be good to know about...

As a side bar - is B&H really the number one retailer in the world for photographic equipment? Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo must be a contender for this title (?)

B&H is privately held, so nobody has exact revenue figures. But based on estimates I've seen here and there, I'd guess that Yodobashi is roughly an order of magnitude larger than B&H in annual revenues.

Of course, for both of them, photographic equipment now represents only a small portion of the range of products they sell.


I buy from B&H from a regular basis, since you have nearly no choice in Brazil. I'll do it via your link with pleasure!


B&H is a welcome addition. The only other gear outlet I buy nearly as much from is KEH, which is excellent for all that ole film stuff that you don't have to buy new.

Any chance of getting them on board TOP?

Thanks for a great site.

Wow!! This is very gratifying. We're very happy to be hooked up with TOP and thrilled about all the positive comments and kind words.

Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video


Thanks so much! I've had great service out of B&H and it will be a pleasure to know that by availing myself of their fine services I can also help TOP!

Yodobashi only sells a fraction of what B&H does each year. B&H has both small and large customers worldwide and with the dollar vs yen, is more attractive than Yodobashi which only caters to a small geographic part of the Asian market. Furthermore, B&H has massive educational, contractor, and governmental sections that Yodobashi does possess. I do think that despite B&H's recent retail store expansion, Yodobashi has a larger retail space, but I could be wrong.

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