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Tuesday, 25 March 2008


I just tried it. Yes it was messy. It appears the A900 is a little wider, but really not very much. Same height pretty much, except when that GRIP is on it.

The guys and gals from CSI could do that with a single mouse click. Give 'em a call.

The following image from dpreview (taken at PMA - the Masterchong news actually isn't news at all) might be better suited for a comparison: http://a.img-dpreview.com/news/0801/sonypma/DSC00191.jpg



Are Sony in the making the ugliest camera business

Why don't you just use a ruler to measure each opening and do a little math. Then, go to http://www.sizeasy.com/ to compare the results.

Can the reference dimension be the internal diameter of the lens mount?

That should be the same for each camera with the same mount, one of those engineering constants. From that you can dimension the rest of the camera, IMHO.



"Are Sony in the making the ugliest camera business"

What? Actually, I think the A700 is quite handsome. Saw one last night.

Mike J.

Who cares if its ugly? All SLR's (especially mounted with zooms) are ugly compared to rangefinders but form follows function. Has Porsche designed a camera?

Didn't your Mom tell you anything about curiosity? ;-)

Here it goes:

Assuming that the lens mount opening has a diameter of 1.0 unit (that's the opening size, not taking into account the bayonet fingers),

- the body has a width of 2.95 units,
- the body extends 1.75 units on the grip side (from the lens center),
- the grip is 0.65 units wide,
- the height of the rectangular section is 1.70 units,
- the viewfinder "hump" adds 0.60 unit to this,
- the "hump" is 1.10 unit wide at its base.

Now, if you can find out what the diameter of that big hole is, all you have to do is multiply the above numbers by the said diameter. Anyone has a Sony?

Thanks to Carsten for his link, Masterchong's image is not quite a frontal shot and yielded somewhat different results height-wise.

Btw, Photoshop is the wrong tool for this. Having placed the image as a background in Illustrator, all you have to do is draw circles & rectangles over the image and compare their respective sizes. ;-)

"Has Porsche designed a camera?"

Yes, Porsche Design (related to, but not identical to, the car company) designed the Contaxes for Yashica/Kyocera starting in the '70s. Its masterpiece was probably the Contax ST.

"Red slash" Nikons are designed by Italdesign Guigiaro, which also designs automobiles for many companies.

Mike J.

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