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Sunday, 16 March 2008


Great thing!

Wow! A 3 megapixel sensor but 5 megapixel files?

That's a lot of LIE in a small camera. You can fit fewer pictures on the same memory card for absolutely no advantage in quality.

Nostalgia: looking at the past through rose colored lenses.

Is the image on the monitor rightside up or upside down ;-)

Interesting. This afternoon I photographed the St.Patrick's Day Parade in Detroit, along with eight of my students. They were all shooting digital. I was using my old Rolleiflex E2. Then I visit your site and there's an odd convergence.

It's going to be *extremely* difficult to resist buying one of these. Thanks for bringing it to my attention... sigh.

Jack Howard's review at Pop Photo last month:


They didn't by any chance reverse the image on the TFT, or provide that as an option? Put that in there, and I just might.

No bluetooth?

Rollei had a big chance to do something special here, and they didn't. In that form factor (unlike most others) there's more than enough room to fit a seriously fast lens (f/1.4, or hell, even an f/1.0 wouldn't hurt too bad). Couple that with a little bit of software to manage focus at big apertures: Make the focus knob actually work, and do something to help show in the viewfinder exactly what's in focus. Then you'd have a near-perfect camera for available-light candid shooting: Already the TLR has a leg up because people are less likely to notice the photographer composing.

Oh well. Maybe in version 3.

"Is the image on the monitor rightside up or upside down ;-)"

It's right side up but laterally reversed. [g]

Mike J.

"Then I visit your site and there's an odd convergence."

There's always an odd convergence or two on T.O.P.! Should have been our catchphrase....

Mike J.

so... anyone want to explain to me what the second lens is for then?

Except for the nostalgia of it all, I can pick up a 3 megapixel camera at Wal Mart for $29.95. What next a 3 megapixel 8X10 Deardorff. What are we up to now about 1000 different current digital cameras. Is this the beginning of the 4th plague.

Ok, sober second thought time: When I think rationally, here's a camera with a superfluous second lens, a 3 mp sensor that records 5 MB files, takes an aeon to focus, and needs to be cranked between exposures for no good reason. But I still think I need to buy it, if only for the sheer orneriness that went into its design.

A few years ago, Samsung made a two lens two sensor camera that shot video with one
set and stills with the other. Maybe Rolleiflex (Is it F&H or the other guys?) might ought to renew an old relationship and do something useful with that second lens. I kind of like the having to crank part, but advertising autofocus and having it be slow isn't a reminder I'd want to create.

Why would Rollei waste their R&D and production facilities on what is essentially a toy? Are they tired of making real cameras?

Why don't they just make a full sized one with two real lenses?(Digital) If they did I think more would buy it and use it.

As it is now it is a key fob or a little bit of BLING to be worn round the neck with a white gold chain.

And we all wonder why we run out of places to throw away our unneeded junk.

Sorry but I see this as nothing but shopping as entertainment. Might look nice on your shelf right next to your White Stripes Lomo.


Wow ... $399 and Sigma gets bashed for the high price of the DP1 !

Has it got a sports finder ?

Scott: "Why would Rollei waste their R&D and production facilities on what is essentially a toy? Are they tired of making real cameras?"

The "Rollei" brand (Franke & Heidecke) is now part of the Korean electronics conglomerate Samsung. The Rollei brand is, of course, comparable to a lemonade stand to Samsung. But these folks are not dummies. I suspect that their profits from these "toys" might match, or even exceed, the profits that they reap from the "real" Rolleiflex cameras.

Samsung no longer owns Rollei, and "Rollei" and "Franke and Heidecke" are no longer the same company. Details here:


The answer to the question of why Rollei wastes R&D and production facilities on such a camera is that they don't. At least, Franke and Heidecke doesn't. The separate company with the marketing rights to the Rollei name is likely just slapping the name on a product made in an Asian OEM factory.

Leica and Hasslblad have also allowed their names to be used in this way, for miniature replicas in the Minox submini format:


Screaming-red, silver, and black.

Just what I've always wanted.

Thank you for the update, Oren. It seems my knowledge of Rollei is badly out-of-date!

I do agree that this trinket is probably nothing more than a souvenir-type license arrangement.

"Wow! A 3 megapixel sensor but 5 megapixel files?"

UUUUHM it's 5MB-files and yeah for sure - it's not that one pixel is equal to one byte - the filesize per pixel depends on the color-depth...

Wow! How cool!

As a collector of old cameras, if the camera weren't a bit out of my budget, I think I'd have to have one.

Who knows, I may have to get it anyway!


I'm the local Northern California Rep for Direct Source Marketing. I'm having fun with my NEW Mini Digi. I got my sample while at the PMA show in February. The camera is licensed by Rollei in Germany. D.S.M is the US distributor for the Rollei Mini Digi. The camera will be shipping this month. The red camera will ship first and then the black camera will be shipping in May. Thank you for showcasing the Rollei Mini Digi on your blog. I'm starting my own blog dedicated to the Rolleiflex Mini Digi. I've put your link on my newblog. Check it out at www.rolleiflexminidigi.blogspot.com Please feel free to contact me at hhdischler@att.net Thank you, Harlean

www.rolleiflexminidigi.blogspot.com for latest info. Rollei MiniDigi AF5.0 now shipping. Check your local camera store or email me to locate a dealer where you can buy this little gem!

Aw, Shucks! It just dawned on me what this new MiniDigi's other use is...a KEY RING. Ron

Is there any camera store in the L.A. area selling this camera? Thanks Joe

How bout making it full-sized and making the lower lens shoot film and the upper lens as the looking lens and the digital shot? Make the digital capture a 10+ Mega pixel file and you've got an award winning combo camera. Get a jump on the next generation camera set up. Lets see...

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