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Saturday, 22 March 2008



I feel your pain about the amount of snow. I live in Germantown just to the north. We got 15 inches. Like you said, Thursday was Spring, Friday was winter.

Great blog. Keep up the good work. Good luck with the trip.

Here in central Victoria, Australia, we've had no rain for a month, and Adelaide, South Australia just had fifteen consecutive days over 35 Celsius, 95 Fahrenheit, smashing the previous record of nine.In March!!!!, not January or February, our summer!

My prayers were answered. God, I love going out an photographing after a nice snowfall. Milwaukee, I hope we have at least 2 more this spring.

At least you got a semblance of spring for a few days. Here in Ottawa we are pushing towards 5 straight month of snow cover (for a total snowfall of 425cm, close to 14 feet -- so far).

This makes for a lot of interesting photo opportunities for the relatives back in Europe!

It must be a coincidence, what with an ocean being between us, but last night was also the first serious snow fall here in a year.

Or rather the first thing being more than a sprinkle, it was only an inch. But still funny, "first snow" coming after spring has started.

That sounds like a dejavu. In the first week of March I had planned a week of cross country skiing on the German-Czech boarder. No snow below a 1000 m. Last week it was London and then Wales for some fun and then some fly fishing. It snowed. Back to Brussels, where it is still snowing, but there was trout and leek in the fridge.

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