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Sunday, 30 March 2008


Mike, Thanks so much for this link to Mr. Dith's obit in the Times. He deserves wider recognition and let us hope that his efforts will never let us forget the nightmare that was Cambodia's fate in the 1970"s.

Over the next 4 ½ years, he worked in the fields and at menial jobs. For sustenance, people ate insects and rats and even the exhumed corpses of the recently executed, he said.
And we bicker over megapixels, price of cameras and the price of toilet paper. Watch moronic survival shows(I will not watch them) that are nothing like what real life is all about and what Dith Pran went through for what he believed in.
Thank you Dith for your commitment to life.

It is sad, life, is so very short. What a remarkeable man. Like a survivor of Auschwitz stated to a silly reporter "You, do not know what the will to live is!". He did.

Would it not have been -wonderful- to be with him, just to -be- with him, for a single day!

Jon ...

Tops my list of "films I can't believe I've never managed to watch". I will do so this weekend. An inspirational story.

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