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Tuesday, 05 February 2008


What struck me as most strange is that, since I live in the San Francisco area, I see all of the combinations regularly, including the cop with the nappy hair combo.

The recombinant portraits are,in my opinion,a clever and interesting gimmick but falls far short of what I would find to be photographic excellence. This slick work is worthy of the best in Bronx cheers says this old tripod stuck in the mud.

Sorry, but I don't think this is excellence at all. Random, yes.

The gimmicky photo mash-up was interesting for five minutes and then I went searching for excellence in the other parts of the site. The other portraits on his site are slick photos of brainless, clean cut people with ever-present Colgate smiles.

Give me a real street photographer any day.


the name is Myer, Eric Myer sans "s".

Eric was a client of mine when he started doing these portraits and I did a lot of the retouching on the original B&W portraits intended for print.
The web version is a lot of fun and the interactivity more appropriate to the concept.


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