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Monday, 21 January 2008


Thanks very much for bringing this apparently very interesting book to my attention.

I hope that 75 years from now Peter and Kent are getting the same dineros for a used copy of their book as "An American Exodus" is fetching on Amazon.com.
Check it out !

I believe the term of art is "rare" as opposed to "used," but those aren't actually bad prices--I would guess those are for, shall we say, less than perfect copies. "American Exodus" is one of the three or four best books of depression-era photography and it has always been in demand.

More interesting, though, is that your link indicates that it might be about to be reissued in paperback. I should find out about that....

Mike J.

My taste in landscape is similar to yours I think Mike. One great landscape photgrapher I have come across is Danielle Marie. If you haven't seen her work you might like this link - http://www.daniellemariephotography.com/default4.asp

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