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Thursday, 10 January 2008


Wonder what the street price will be? Meanwhile, across the pond the price is 700 euros.

There's a write-up on the Chasseur d'Images website about the A200, which inherits some the the technology found in the A700 camera.


Tha A200 is Sony's update to the A100

It looks like there will be at least one more new Sony camera at PMA later this month (A300 or A500) which looks very similar to the A200 but with tilting LCD.

There are still no hints as to whether the FF A900 will be launched at PMA

The dynamic range expander feature on these cameras seems to work really well.

Looks like a great idea.

That's $700 with the 18-70mm kit lens, of course. It's also the going pre-order price on Amazon and elsewhere.


That's already at the current street price of the A100 kit. The pricier 18-200mm lens kit comes a month later.

I tried out the new A700 at a Sony booth in Singapore back in December. I dunno, the shutter button is just in the wrong place. It's way back on the grip, and my finger does not naturally go there the way it does on my Canon cameras. I tried shooting with a number of times, and the button just did not feel natural or easily accessed.

@ Stephen Scharf: Yes I know what you mean - but then the other way round! Being used to (Konica) Minolta and (since last year) Nikon DSLR's, I alway find myself looking for the shutter button whenever I pick up my dad's Canon 10D. It's the wrong place, my finger doesn't got there naturally... :).
In other words: it's just what you're used to but it makes switching systems quite difficult.

Wow: I was thinking of mortgaging something, anything, to get that 700. MY Alpha 100 seemed to be getting antiquated, what is the step up to the 200? I cant find the comparison.

Steve, there's a summary of changes here:


It's more a refinement/update to the a100 than a "step up".

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