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Tuesday, 22 January 2008


87 seconds?! What a shot!

That shot is amazing. Something I saw after staring at it for a few moments, the smoothing of the ocean allows for an optical illusion of sorts, the ocean looks to be rolling slowly towards me.

Great play between the steel blue and the orange reds. I also like the "tactile" differences between the smooth sea and sky, and the clearly delineated lighthouse. It's a fantastic shot.


Great work as usual Tom, this is a well deserving beautiful image as all of yours are!

Absolutely stunning.

Lovely work on his site there. His grand ocean vistas really seem to be his strong suit. Despite their grandiosity their composition is subtle and well conceived.

Absolutely amazing. The colors...perfect! Also a sad, stark contrast to the weather here in New England.


I like it -- has a nice painterly patience about it.


Unlike the other posters, I am not moved by this photograph. I like others on his site, but not this one.


I find this image to be very unnatural looking and offputting. It almost reminds me of a psychedelic poster from the 60s. I haven't had a chance to look at his other work.

This looks completely unnatural to me. Took a few moments to decide why but it's the too straight and level horizon and the fact that there is no reflection of the orange sky in the water. Is this real, really?

If you very much like long exposure / night shots then you may also like some quite fabulous images of Shrewsbury, England by Steve Morris here:


Never base your opinions of someone's work on one image!

So there.

I actually browsed through ALL the images on Tom's site. Very eclectic mix. Since camera clubs were mentioned, some would be clear winners, while others - including some I like a lot - would get an "I don't get it" from most members (and judges.)

Does saying that make me a snob?

it seems that the art of postprocessing is of greater interest today than the poetic quality of photography. for me, the eye of a photographer tells an unique story, the image is just a vehicle to transport the drawings of his soul.

Wow... Keeping up the good work, I see! We miss ya over at BBR dImaging, but I totally understand why you left.


aka SCS_Photo/Socos/WaxPhoto

i looked at this days ago and then looked at almost every photo on his website. I am very put off by this image as well and my first impression is "how do you spell manipulation?". In fact, the light house is almost exactly the same razor sharpness and exposure as the same lighthouse in another of his photos which seems like it would not/could not be possible at least for ME to achieve on two different days in two different lighting scenarios. Especially with one photo in color and one in black and white. But i am certainly no expert and held my tongue. I've come back to this again and still get an overwhelming impression of unreality and artificiality. Random excellence? I respect your opinion but am afraid that i once again beg to disagree.

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