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Friday, 25 January 2008


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That story made me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

That is extremely cool.

I agree. Cool story. Plus, it's a nice counterpart to yesterday's "Scoundrels" post!


Makes me think I should stick my email address inside the memory door on my camera... I can always hope that maybe if lost I'd be so lucky as to get it back.

What a great story! Most people would have easily given up, or not even tried. As a tip to everyone, label your memory cards, and keep an address card in your camera case/bag. The other thing to remember is the good karma gained by returning a lost item to it's owner.

A wonderful story! It is really good to hear both about the honesty of the people who found the camera and their dedication to finding the owner.

That is a great story. Thanks for pointing me to it. E


Wow. I know you were starting to add to your media empire by starting photoborg.org, but now you have your own radio station?!?!?

Dear Chris,

What a fine idea! I'm gonna go do that to all my cameras right now.

pax / Ctein

It's so nice to hear this story with a happy ending! It's not always so: In November, I left my favorite pocket cam, my Ricoh GX-100, slung over the back of a chair in a pub in Toronto. Of course, it had (still has?) all the pictures from my then current trip with my daughter, including those of my Mother's 85th Birthday Party on it. I put notices all over the place, on the web and in real life. I tried to make myself as easy to find as possible. To no avail as I never heard anything about it again. What didn't I do? Put a business card in the Camera Case; mark the camera somehow with my name and phone number; download the pictures to my laptop while I still had them.....

I have since replace my beloved GX-100 with a G9 - also a lovely camera, but lacking, somehow, in passion. Have I changed my ways with my new camera? What do you think??

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