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Wednesday, 02 January 2008


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I started using Ilford product many years ago and have always been satisfied with the quality of their products. When the company went into receivership several years ago I made a firm commitment (to myself) to continue buying their products. I have worked for large corporations that have gone through mergers /acquisitions/reorganizations (domestic & international) and know how stressful it can be to the guy on the factory floor thats actually makes the QA decision - the guy on 3rd shift at 3:00 AM that ultimately decides if the box goes to market or goes to the trash can. Support the worker and you will support the quality of their product. This may sound like '60s Marxism but but its true.

Thanks for the clarification.

I thought Harman came from the U.S. Harman that makes audio equipment, such as Harman/Kardon.

Just like there are two Ilfords, there are two Harmans.

I am glad to have this clarification so thanks. I am looking forward to trying the Harman gloss paper. As for the other Ilford, their smooth pearl lustre paper is still my paper of choice for general in studio printing. Happy New Year to all.

Michael, Harman Technology Limited in the UK is named after Alfred Harman, who founded the original Ilford company in 1879. Harman International, the audio and electronics company in the US, is named after its founder, Sidney Harman.

So....who's on first?

Actually I'm looking forward to trying the Harman paper...which I guess inherits the history...or something like that.

Even though I'm not using the traditional materials any more (not by choice) I'm glad that _someone_ is at least making the effort.

Geez...it was such a short time ago shooting on 8x10 HP5 and printing on MG WT....everything I know is obsolete but seems to work in our digital world....sorta.

Happy New Year!

-jbh- the Luddite

I used the Ilford brand for film and paper when I was still working in the dark room. Now I've switched to digital but I still print everything on Ilford paper. (usually smooth heavyweight matte paper; Ilford Galerie)

Ilford (Harman) have also recently bought the UK photographic paper company Kentmere to expand their business.

I went to Ilford's Mobberley factory about six months ago for a factory tour. Their commitment to traditional products together with a drive to find new business opportunities was impressive as was the scale of the operation.

One of the ways they are finding new business to be advantageous to traditional production is the recent introduction of baryta based fibre paper for inkjet use. This increases the amount of baryta paper they purchase which gets them a better discount.


Thanks Mike, for a very useful reference.


Yes indeed, thanks for the clarifications. I thought I had a vague notion of the state of play here but was not aware that "Cibachrome" was still made and I'm another old audiophile who immediately thought of Harman Kardon when the new brand name started appearing on boxes.

Thinking about it the Swiss connection makes sense when remembering that Ciba is still a big name in the chemical industry.

I'm afraid Mobberley doesn't get much of my money as I prefer Kodak's CN400 to XP2 and am very happy with the results I get on the Swiss Galerie paper. I don't feel too unpatriotic about this as my brother lives near Marly!

Cheers, Robin

As usual, I'm confused. Harman Gloss FB AL is NOT for colour photos?

P.S. I would love to see a list of all the papers suitable for my (new) Epson R 1800. Does such a thing exist?


"As usual, I'm confused. Harman Gloss FB AL is NOT for colour photos?"

Who gave you that notion? Not us. In fact it works fine for color.

"P.S. I would love to see a list of all the papers suitable for my (new) Epson R 1800. Does such a thing exist?"

No, because one of the joys of inkjet printers is that they'll print on pretty much anything you can run through 'em. I suppose there are some papers that are unsuited for your inkset and probably some papers that don't look very good, but coming up with such a definitive list would be something of a fool's errand.

Mike J.

Heh, thanks for the clarification. I always assumed Harman was just a re-branded Ilford (or v.v.). Seems it's a separate product.

Also, just to clarify matters, let's not forget Ilford Harman (brother of Sidney, and brother-in-law of Alfred), who is better known as the founder of Hahnemühle.

No, actually, I made that up.


It is good to know that Ilfochrome is still being made, but where in the USA can it be purchased?

Just ran a few sheets of Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk through my Epson 2200. Very nice for both B&W and color, and at two dollars for a 13x19 sheet rather than four plus, it's the breakthrough that I've been waiting for.

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