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Sunday, 13 January 2008


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Ah! 'unsubscribe' - translation: 'Continue sending me as much junk as possible'.

I usually click 'unsubscribe' when the unwanted first arrives (just for a laugh). When the next one invariably appears, I add the address to 'delete automatically' in my mail filter.

There is an amusing side to the use of 35mm film cannisters in a mailshot... I remember I knew a photographer who sent out 35mm cannisters with a 'film' paper strip with a 'Happy Christmas' message printed on it. Many clients returned them to him with a note saying it must have been sent in error, but dont worry they had not exposed the film!

"late, unlamented" - ouch !

I kept thinking there would a point to this post, then I got to the end.

Don't know much about PR, never having been on either end. But that Calcuchrome reminds me of a product promised around 2001 that would have been a digital sensor/storage mechanism in the form factor of a 35mm film cartridge. It would have allowed any 35mm film camera to be transformed into a digital camera. Unfortunately it remains (patented) vapourware as the company behind it went bankrupt. I continue to hope it eventually arrives on the market.

Dear Paul,

Unless I intentionally close my column with a sentence fragment, my columns will ALWAYS end with a point. [punctuated, grammatical grin]

pax / Ctein.

Minor nit: note the proper capitalization of "Macworld" for both the event and the publication. ;-)

'Or the companies that do not put ten lines of stupid disclaimers under one line of text.'

Unless you live in the EU [or is it just Germany?], where companies are obligated by law to put in an endless sermon of completely uninteresting information on the company. It was already bad enough seeing theis stuff in 5 point serifs on every damn letter, but since last year they have to put in all the nonsense in every e-mail, even the ones just saying, 'Approved'.

Dierk, I know that they are obliged to put that stuff in either by law or by company rules. I just wish they didn't. We sometimes come to hilariously silly situations like you getting some info for the papers while in their signature there's a stern warning not to use the info in public or you'll feel the wrath of God.

Bureacracy combined with PR is... is... leaving me speechless.

Dear Damon,

Ah yes, that was announced by Irvine Sensors back in 1998. They set up a subsidiary to do the product development and marketing, which folded several years ago. But I.S. is alive and kicking.

I.S. was one of the very few companies that could pull this off. Their specialty was super compact and low power sensor systems for aerospace. They really could cram the necessary electronics and memory into a film cannister. I'm not sure anyone else could have at the time.

What killed them was the development lead time. Digital camera prices were crashing so fast back then that every price/performance target they set for themselves became uncompetitive before they could get the product out. They were stuck in perpetual development purgatory.

Today, such a device is not economically attractive. Large sensors are still too expensive. Check back in 5 years or so.

pax / Ctein

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